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What does it do?” One of the others had asked curiously.


“Haven’t you learned anything in your history lessons?” The Alpha would bark aggressively. “This stone is the corner stone of all life in any realm,” He said. “Once it is obtained by the one who plucks it from the earth, they are capable of either destroying or renewing a realm,”


“So, that means it can be very dangerous,” Daniel’s womanly voice chimed in.


“Very much so.” The Alpha said. “Which is why I am in charge of keeping the stone away from the greatest of evil that would misuse its power,”


“What if that evil is already here?” The manly voice of the Louisiana woman would inquire.


“I’d like to thank you all, for getting this lovely stone out of the ground for me,” Another voice said. A figure soon stepped out from the forest. It was a massive male black wolf with bright green eyes.


He looked more savage then the others, his fur also had strange red spiral like patterns embroider on his fur. He smirked wide and raised a hand in the air. The stone soon flung toward him and he grasped it. The stone pulsated with thick light.


The others would gasp in fright at the sight of the other male that was before them. “Nigrum Thom!” The alpha said growling. The wolf looked at the male before him with a snarl.

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 28 April 2018

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