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“Yes!” you talk just as loud as Guilmon. “To the dinning room!” Desperate to leave this weird female feelings behind you, you follow Guilmon to the dinning room for the most awkward breakfast of your life.


During this awkward meal you manage to tell Guilmon the story. Guilmon nods and seems just as shocked as you at what had happened. You agree that your only option is to go to this Caulmon and see what she could do. Together you make you way out of the house and up the path to Calumon's house.


“So you live all alone Guilmon?” You ask with a full stomach and Guilmon around you feel more at ease to make casual conversation.


“Yes, many of my type go with our battle instincts. Wanting to battle and work with Tamers.” He voice his trailing off.


“Not for you?” You say kicking an errant pebble out of your way. “You seem like you could be a natural.”


“I would be, but I like my farm. Working to grow things digimon need to evolve or to heal. It makes me feel complete.” You notice Guilmon turned sad, his tail dragging behind him on the ground. “You don't need to understand, I'm use to being the odd digimon out.” He tries to smile bravely at you, but fails. You can see his pain, and it inspires you to tell him something you never shared with another.

Written by psto1464 on 03 July 2017


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