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“I understand more than you know. My folks and their friends. Heck, even my own friends. Think I want to be a cop, work the beat. Carry a gun, fight to defend our citizen's” You swing out an arm in a mock salute. You know you sound bitter but can't stop. “I would really like to work in the gardens, tend the flowers sell them in my mom's shop; maybe in my shop!”


“You like to garden?” Guilmon asked, surprised. Your taken aback, you assumed he would understand.


“I know it's stupid.” You look away kicking a larger stone out of the path.“


No! Not at all! After all I'm a farmer! What do you think natural path for growth? No external manipulations?” Guilmon was leaning foreword tail swishing like a happy dog, which was adorable. There was those thoughts again! You ignore them and instead go with the conversation of farming and what to do about weeds, which could be found in any world it seemed. You feel free and relaxed like you haven't felt like in a long time.


“Here we are.” Guilmon sounded as disappointed as you felt. You were just starting to talk about how useful claws were in sowing of seeds. The house was simple, and well cute. You didn't even flinch at the word cute running though your mind. It was just a thing until you got out of this body, now that thought did leave a mark, you grimace. Had you grown attached to Guilmon so quickly?


“Caulmon!” Guilmon shouts out, “I have a visitor who needs you help!”


Written by psto1464 on 08 July 2017


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