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"I will choose 3 for all the categories" you tell the voice.
You open your eyes and there is a portal in front of you. It glows a bright blue and you step through it.
You wake up in a bedroom. This one at least has a door and closet. You lift the sheets and find out what you are now. The first thing you notice is the fur covering your body. You look over and see a large tail growing from your rear. Under the fur on your chest is a small set of breasts. You stand up to get a better look. You look like a young fox standing on their hind legs, and looking closer you find it is a vixen not a todd. You touch your face and feel your muzzle and your ears twitch.
"Oh my god" you gasp.
The ball of light reappears "I hope this life is what you were looking for" the voice chimes.
"I am a girl" you say.
The voice chuckles again "And, this is a problem? It matches what your choices"
"I am a guy" you say.
"You were a human guy. Now you are are a vixen. You did pick options that are open to more of a change that what you had before"
You frown and nod. "So, this is my life now?"
"Yes, you have been reborn into this new world. It is roughly the same as Japan back in your old world, but their are a lot more species in the world, along with a lot more magic"
"Magic?" you ask.
"It would be about the same level at the tech as your old world. So a lot of what would be tech in your world is handled by magic here but not all"
"Any shapeshifting magic?" you ask hopefully.
"Yes. some races have inbuilt magic talent. But it takes a long time to master so don't expect much to start with"
"Foxes have shapeshifter powers?" you ask.
"No. but you are not a fox , you are a kitsune"
You frown. "A what?"
"Kitsune are fox spirits. They are known for their trickery and ability to shape shift.
Of course that takes a lot of time to learn and it is not something that is easy to do. A lot of them never manage it"
You shrug
"What about other races?" you ask.
"In this world their are many races. Human of course. Elves ,dwarf and other uncommon ones. Then the slightly more exotic ones, kitsune, tengu etc."
"Tengu?" you ask.
"They are a race of bird people. They are very rare. They are said to live in the mountains and forests. But you need to get started with your new life"
You sigh and sit down on the bed "Do you have any recommendations? What should I do?"
"Well, you have a few choices. First, you can go to the nearest town and try to find a job. The other is to find someone to teach you magic. You could also just go live in the woods. You will need to hunt for food and you may have to fight off monsters and such"

Written by NovelAi on 13 December 2021

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