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"I would like to learn magic" you say.
The voice chuckles "Most people do. In this world you will need to attract the attention of someone who will teach you about it "
You frown and shake your head. "I am not sure how to go about doing that"
"Well you have a bit of magical talent from your race, so you should focus on showing that. Go to the nearest city and sneak into one of the wizard's homes as a fox"
"I thought you said I was not a fox?" you ask.
"You are not a fox. But you have the magic to shapeshift into one"
You frown. "I don't want to do that. I am a human"
"You were a human. Now you are a vixen. While I don't recommend forgetting what you were, you need to accept what you are now"
You frown and nod. "Okay" you say. "So I go to the city and find a wizard?"
"Yes, but not any wizard. Find one who is willing to teach you. There are only a few wizards in the world and they tend to keep to themselves. But you can find them by asking around. Someone will know where to find one"
You frown and sigh. "I guess I'll go ask then" you say.
"Good luck" the voice says.
You stand up and head out the door. Taking a deep breath you try to calm yourself for what is beyond. The other room of the house is a kitchen and living area. There is a table and chairs, along with a couch and television. The kitchen has an oven and fridge. Overall basic and nothing that stands out. Leaving the house you notice that their is no locks on the door. The village you are in is small, only a few homes in the center of fields of crops. As you walk you hear the sounds of a dog barking. You look around and see a large black and white dog chasing a ball. You smile and wave to the dog. He stops and looks at you before he barks again.
"Sorry" says the human nearby "I know dogs don't like kitsune, but I am trying to teach him that you are friendly."
You bow your head. "No problem. I just wanted to greet him" you say.
"He is a good dog. He will bark if there is trouble but he doesn't bite. Just don't let him play too rough with you"
"Thanks" you say.
The man walks over to you and pats your head. "So do you think you will stay in our village? I know we don't have much but a kitsune would be a good addition to the people here"
You look up at him. "I really don't know" you say "I am looking to learn magic and I don't think their is anyone here who can teach me."
The man shakes his head "That's unfortunate. Well if you do decide to stay, you should come by my house. My name is Regan. I will be happy to help you."
You bow your head. "Thank you" you say.
"Don't mention it" he replies.
You leave the village and head towards the forest beyond the fields. It is a nice day and you enjoy the sun on your face. Once you are in the forest you start to relax and feel more comfortable. You have been exploring for a few hours when you hear a sound. You turn around and see a figure standing in the trees. She is wearing a black robe and has her hands behind her back. Her hair is long and dark and she is beautiful.
"Hello" you say.
She turns around and smiles "Hi" she says. "Are you lost?"
You shake your head "Nope, I am exploring the forest."
She nods. "I see" she says. "Do you like it here?"
You shrug. "It is nice. I am looking for someone who can help me with my magic" you reply.
"Oh?" she asks.
You nod. "I was told that I would need to find a wizard to learn magic" you say.
She smirks. "A wizard huh? Pale imitators of the natural world. They are all frauds"
You furrow your brow. "What makes you say that?"
She shakes her head. "They try to study us to learn new spells. We have our magic and don't need to study"
You furrow your brow. "You talk like we are the same" you say.
"We are" she replies.
You shake your head. "I am a kitsune and you are a human"
"This is what you could be." she says and shifts into a male human " A master of illusion. "
You take a step back and gasp. "You're not a human!"
She laughs. "Of course I'm a human. What about me looks like I am not?"
You shake your head. "I look like a human, but humans can't do that."
She smiles and shifts into a fox "Nope. Well maybe some can after long study. This is my true form" she says showing of her multiple tails.
"Wow" you murmur.
She giggles. "Yeah, wow."
You smile shyly and look away. "So how can I do what you do?" you ask.
"You will need to earn your tails," she replies. "You must prove yourself worthy."
"How do I do that?" you ask.
She takes your hand and leads you through the woods. She pulls you into a cave.
"This is a dungeon, prove yourself worthy by getting to the end of it, and that should earn your second tail" she says.
"How do I get to the end?" you ask.
She grins and she disappears. "That's the fun part" she says. "Now go"

Written by NovelAi on 16 December 2021

The end (for now)

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