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Wanting to get their attention with a flirtatious action, you summon the mask of a lady in waiting to bring the ruffian out of the tent.


“Sweetums!” You say, opting to act out a Nasty Plot to draw out the trespasser. “Whatever shall I do to find me a hubby to share my kingdom with?”


Opening the tent flaps, that portly man returns, standing up, and somehow smells worse than before.


“AAArrrrrrgh,” he slurring says, while you keep a grin on your snout. “Ohhh Hic gawd that’s a hot babeh tha neeed a real man to found.”


You get a good look at the corner of the food storage space that’s supposed to have things in it. Instead, you find that it’s all empty.


That was supposed to last for a week! Were you out for 7 days? Rage of an exploding Sun is put aside, as hunger is brought to curb with your stomach growling. You wonder how long you can keep this up.


Turns out it’s a lot shorter than you think, shorter than the man who thinks he can put one over the 6 and a half foot tall fire-type from toes to ears.


“Oh, that’s enough acting for now. I think it’s time for you to never enter my domain again.”


There goes the familiar scared eyes of the peon, afraid to stand up to someone that would dare challenge your rule.

Written by PoKeHybridTrainer on 10 October 2021

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