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Cupping your palms together, A glowing ball of fire resonates with intensity, growing bigger by the second as a sadistic smile traces along your long face.


The fat man tries to take whatever he can grab in his hands, and abandons his bookbag for what he thought was a free ride in your lands. Consideration for his well-being is ignored with the orb firing out of your hands and out to the tent. If you can’t use it, then it might as well suit the forest better with it brought down to the futuristic biodegradable ash perfect for any climate. Safe for wildlife,too!


Aiming right to the human, or what could be called one anyway, the orb just misses the underside of his fleeing left arm, and connects to the center of your tent.


A burning ( 大 dai) symbol flashes out of the ball of flame, invoking a Fire Blast to your will. It burns through the middle of the tent, and burns the material it touches along with it. It’s the kanji for big, so it shows the amount of disappointment that you feel with an exasperated haughty sigh.


Once again, the hiker is gone from sight, but you make sure that the burning symbol doesn’t spread to anything else in the forest. It’s not only your home but of an ecosystem. Best treat it kindly.


You see in the burning rubble, the strange photo of a man that only seems familiar in passing. With it, only a single line registers within your thoughts as being important.


“Survival, only possible with this,” you mutter, shaking your head as the reason for remembering it is gone as the burning wreckage sends ash and dust to a small pillar. That would cause attention, wouldn’t it?


One last thing to do with all the commotion you created.


Extending a hand to the burning rubble, an energy field forms underneath it, green and rippling like water. The technique of Safeguard would suit your home well. As the nature of the Pokemon attack is to protect an ally from getting a status effect, like burning, the symbol and fire dies down quickly.


You sigh relieved, getting ready to celebrate the monster side merging with your creativity, but there’s still a mess at a camping spot.


“Better get scarce!” You grin, looking back towards the river as you think out loud. “Let the proper authorities blame this on that oaf!”

Written by PoKeHybridTrainer on 12 October 2021

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