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You go back to your runs, and find yourself using your nose to seek out something to fill your tummy, long and far away from the scene of the crime.


Minutes later, you’re devouring wild berries too harsh for smaller Pokemon, but perfectly fine for your hybrid metabolism. With all that you need in these protected forests, there’s no reason for you to think about a life where you were not running things in the woods.


No one dares to try and handle the wild Ninetales queen, or they feel the burning wrath of your might.


There is that illustrious cave from before, though. A good place to rest, and something awfully curious about the shiny rock wall. What secrets does it keep?


Speaking of secrets, a lingering idea comes across while enjoying your royal meal. Somehow you knew the tent when it was put up.


Before then, you recall some poor sap investigating a noise, then find themselves in some nefarious trap all covered in ice. How silly! These are the thoughts of a carefree mind trying to make sense of why the tent was there and why you knew what was inside of it. It’s only a daydream, and nothing more. It’s easy to move on when there’s so much of the forest to explore!


Perhaps there can be a way to find a new outfit. What’s on you right now is far too small. Oh well, it’s as comfortable as it will be. But for now, the simple comforts will do nicely.


Written by PoKeHybridTrainer on 13 October 2021

The end (for now)
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