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You took a moment to rest a bit longer, blinking your eyes open slowly as you waited for the other members to notice your waking. It seemed fine to you, considering that a few of the others were still asleep. Your stirring actually ended up waking them up but by then, everyone else seemed quite well rested compared to their previous state.
“Hey! Morning! Or… Whatever time it is hah!” Barley said to you. The twins were chatting among themselves, Duke still vigilant on his lookout, and Buddy was nodding his head as if he were trying to calm himself. Casey, though, was the only other one fully asleep.
“Think we should wake her up?” Duke said as he started preparing his gear for another day here in this mysterious cavernous place. There were a few other affirmations from the group, and soon you found yourself having to wake up fully as well. You yawned, stretched out your wings, and sat up before looking around the room once more.
It was still just as dark as you could have remembered it, but at this point it was as if your eyes had adjusted. In the distance, there were a few other pathways you could have gone down. You watched the others shining their gun lights around a bit but there were still a few areas they seemed to have been missing.
In your mind, you couldn’t have guessed what path could have been the right one or not, and it looked like everyone else had their own eyes set on whatever they were trying to do. The moment was like chaos for everyone as you all scrambled around without coordination. Even Duke- still a bit drowsy from his long night’s watch- seemed to be a bit disoriented about what was going on.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 23 January 2022

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