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At this point, you realized your eyes had been much stronger than most of the other teammates- maybe except for Casey. She was squinting off in a direction similar to yours, as if her eyes could have picked up on those extra few pathways just as yours. That all makes sense though, considering you’re a cross with her species. At that moment, you realized you should have said something.
“Guys!” You stopped them for a moment, every flashlight was on you for a good few seconds before hearing a response. It must have been their eyes fully adjusting to the darkness. “I think something’s over there.” You suggested. Your mind started to flash back to memories of that dream, like you had suddenly remembered something that happened in the dream itself, but had only started to process it in your waking world.
For some reason, it was as if you had the entire layout of the massive, dark, and seemingly empty room, had come to you in a flash. Something about the dream you had just seemed to light up your mind as you started to remember every crevice and corner of the layout of the tomb. Maybe, it was that ancient god giving you some tips and tricks about what you had to do next.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 24 January 2022

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