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“Casey?” You asked. “You see something over there too, right?”
“Yeah! I do.” She replied, perking up. “It looks like a hallway with some kind of light at the end of it.” She took her time, making sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her.
“Yeah. I can see that too.” Enabling her decision, you tried your best to convince the others to take a chance with what you guys were looking at. “I think our large cat eyes could sense something particularly interesting down that way.”
But only, it was far more than your large cat eyes showing you the way. It was something within your mind’s eye that made you feel like that was the right way to go. At this point, all you had was your gut to tell you what you had to do. Maybe it was something to do with that dream, which you also wasn’t sure about the validity of it, regardless, it was the only thing you could have done to help unite the confused little group you found yourself a part of. In the last moment before making your executive decision, you decided to get the others’ opinions. “What do you all think?”
Collectively, everyone started pointing their flashlights in that direction. The combined beams from their lights had caused the little hidden doorway ahead to light up as the photons bounced against a similar crystalline structure as you had seen before. Something was telling you that this was the way you had to go. The way the decorative gems had reflected the light all about showed you the way as clear as day.
You could hear Duke huffing a quick breath of frustration when you started leading the platoon further into the building. Maybe it was jealousy, or maybe he was just exhausted from guiding members which you quickly started to realize was far more disorganized than you had first expected. Regardless. Your mission objectives couldn’t stop turning over in your head. The dream you had rushed through your memory, and the only thing you seemed to care about was finalizing the business you had here.
You could feel it. It felt so close to you at this point. When you all finally crossed that barrier, the next room looked like some kind of maze. There were lighted tiles all over the floor and they would flash the same blue color you had become so familiar with prior. You observed the tiles to light up in a certain pattern as they all flashed quickly across the floor. Your mind spun with confusion as you spent a moment to take in each of the tiles and the patterning they had shown you. Forward… Left.. Forward…. Right.. Forward… Left… back… Left… Forward… Right… Forward…Forward…
“Well then!” Duke said. “Try leading us through this one!” He joked before gently punching you on the shoulder. At this point he had completely surrendered to your lead. The old dog knew how bad he was at puzzles, and at this point, you’ve probably been through a few more in this weird dungeon than he had.


Written by Drifting Dragon on 25 January 2022

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