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In a room star star star star halfstar


The sign reads

"Welcome all new travellers.


To continue you must go through a series of doors.


After going through you will pick a costume. You will then become a half- human and half that creature.


After a week(100 mins a hour,20 hrs a day,10 days a week) has passed you may morph and get another costume. To start of with you will only be able to become 40% human to 60% human.


If you put on a costume you will then become that creature, be teleported to it's home town and have to wait a week before being able to morph.


After 50 costumes you may change into one of your other costumes and become 30% to 70% human. When changing costumes you must wait at least an hour before you can change costumes again.


100 different species/gender costumes allows you to gender-morph and become 20% to 80% human


200 different species costumes allows you to combine costumes and become 10% to 90% human


400 different species costumes allows you to return to your world with no more morphing


And 800 different species costumes makes a polymorph and allows you to morph outside of this world.


Also if you have a costume like a centaur then the human part will always be human and is counted towards the human percentage.


Any gender/species transformation magic of yours can only change your gender(if you have at least 100 costumes) and the animal part to a different animal.


When you change into a different costume (that you already have) you may teleport to that species home town but you will have the week penalty where you have no costume changes.


If you die while wearing a costume you will be reborn at the local inn (or appropriate location ). If you have more then 100 costumes you will lose the costume you had when you died and go to an appropriate place for your next costume.


If you fail to make it out in 100 years(100 weeks in a year) one of your possible forms will be chosen and you will be permanently stuck in that form(apart from magic) until you die. Also there will be no possibility of going back to your world.


Also, one final note: should you take a female form and become pregnant, you won't be able to change your gender until the child is born, though the other aspects of your form may change (the child will change to match.) That is all, and good luck!

You realise that you have to do what the sign said to do and go through the doors and grab a costume.


Alternatively you could use the key system to determine the room


Please type in a number 1 - 18


Number 1:
Number 2:
Number 3:


Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 11 February 2004

Normal Land star star halfstar emptystar emptystar


You go through the door.


All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appears that you are stuck.


There are two more doors however and both of them have a sign on them saying


Costume room for
Element: Land
Type: Normal
Gender: ????


So which door do you want

Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 26 February 2004

Female Normal Land star star halfstar emptystar emptystar

You go through the door.


All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appears that you are stuck.<P/>There are five costumes in this room, all of them female, all of them are normal land creatures.


  • Snake
  • <li><span class="female">Wolf</span></li>

Written by Catprog on 26 February 2004

Skunk Taur star star star halfstar emptystar

The moment you touch the costume, it comes alive an starts to flow over your body. First the costume flows behind, and you feel another body form. It starts with a large tail with a white stripe flowing down the middle, and along the lower body. You also feel it sliding up your normal back. There's a moment of panic, a fear of what may happen, but as the change takes you, it subsides, a merging of fact and the unknown.


You watch the costume move up to the chest and with amusement you watch as they balloon out and you soon have 6 decent sized bumps. I'm turning into a girl?


You watch as the fur flows out from the white turning black. White and black? Skunk? Your turning into a skunk? But why so large breasts, and so many? You look back over and it also appears you are turning into a centaur like creature.


Their is a feeling of coldness and you look down and watch as your manhood melts away, changing into your new womenhood.


You sit down, feeling dazed, a bit unused to your new limbs. Reaching down for your front feet you feel them change and turning into paws. Soon you stand up as a new female skunk taur.

Illustrated by lemonsky

Written by Catprog & Kendareru on 10 February 2011

Princess emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

As you look around you notice your clothes are also changing. Soon you are covered in frills and have a crown on your head.


New knowledge enters your mind about your new royal family and how you are next in line for the throne.


As you try to adjust you find yourself in the middle of a forest, with the sun setting and a wolf howling.

Written by catprog on 03 August 2018

Forest emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

The clothes you wore clung tight to your body as you watched your front legs padding forward across the cold earth. Hard white claws scratched up the dry soil as your weight shifted between your new quadrupedal gait. You stepped lightly, as to not muddy your dainty black paws, though you couldn't help but ponder as to why you were doing this.
"Wait a minute, what's with all this prissy pink bullcrap?" A tiara atop your head glistened in the morning light, its bright pink and blue flecks of light shone exquisitely with every meandering pace.
In the distance [hows a skunks sight?] What seemed like the end of the road. A small patch of trees and grass sprouting from the center of your vision. Upon close inspection, you come to realize that the path merely split in two a bit farther down the way; two thin winding paths led deep into the forested terrain, one sloping upward, and another one trailing deep down into the dark greenery, its viridescent hues grew deeper in value as your eyes tried to adjust to the dim light.
Which path shall you choose?

Written by Driftingdragon on 04 March 2020

Walk up road -meet family emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide to take the higher road, sandy brow rocks tumbled downward as your legs propelled you farther up the trail. Your tail swayed behind you in anticipation and slight caution as you approached the top of the hill, just barely able to see the structures behind it. The air smelled fresher with every step you took as the trees around you began to make way into a much larger clearing, filled with much less saturated and brighter green grasses.
The pupils of your eyes widened as you feast your eyes upon an opulent palace, the high towering stone masonry was carved out in intricate detail, your eye catching more of its intricacies as you near its looming presence. A large stone archway hangs over the exterior walls of the buildings, drawing tall curves in the air above you. Their pale rough surfaces formed a stark contrast against the bright baby blue skies stretching for miles above you; not a cloud in sight.
A new spring began to develop in your step as you made your way closer to the structure, it began to appear much larger as you came closer to the immaculate castle. Two guards were posted on each side of the entrance, the barracks just behind the large wooden draw-bridge was bustling with life as other soldiers took standby as their colleagues kept their eyes fixed on the only moving thing in the distance. Your black and white fur stood out against the deep earthy tones of the trees behind you, the fur rustled on your body as the wind grazed the tops of the grass, their waxy exteriors glistened in the sunlight as they danced like waves towards you. The combination leads the guard’s eyes directly to you, as your towering figure stood just barely in the clearing.
You froze as you saw them, and they began to approach you, waving their arms, and calling out, with a surprisingly gentle tone in their voice.
“Princess!” they belt out to you, as their armored bodies careened towards you at full speed. This sight caused you to rear up, almost ten feet in the air; your front legs kicked in the air just in front of you, the clawed paws scratched through the hot dry air. They call to you once again, while attempting to pacify you as the spook wore off. Your pupils begin to return to normal, once you realize the two of them were not a threat. Their hands brushed against your long coarse hairs, running their plated fingertips across your flank as you lower your front limbs down once again.
“Thank you princess. Glad you have returned!” One of them called out to you.
“Yes, we have been looking for you all morning! Princess. Where have you been you silly goose.” the other guard states, as he shot a hot glance over at his colleague. You watch as the guards turn around, walking back towards the castle. They look at you, before quickly turning back around to continue strutting their way back to the building. You have a moment to take in the sight before you, as the much smaller canine mutts beckoned you closer with their tails as they continued. In a moment you take full stride, rearing once again, before cantering up behind them.
A guard quietly giggles as he shoots you a quick yet subtle glance over his shoulder upon seeing how hard it took for you to catch up. They lead you deep into the castle walls, their pearly smooth appearance reflected your own image on the walls. You watched your body sway, first the front, then the back with every step you take farther. The hard tile beneath your feet hurt your paws somewhat; accustomed to the soft dirt you once tread upon, the lack of give with the cold cut limestone began to wear on your knees and elbows.
Chat can be heard in the room nearby, almost instantly after you walk into the foyer, the conglomerate of voices seemed to mix together as one as they all took turns saying what they needed in the moment. Your keen ears picked up on both male and female voices, as well as the voice of someone probably rather young as well- at least younger than yourself. When you walk past the threshold of the huge drawing room, you look in awe at the high ceilings as they almost dwarf the furniture pushed into the center of the room. Your eyes gaze at the group of people sitting and chatting around a small coffee table.
Unlike the guards, the others sitting around the table were much like yourself in stature; the three of them were perched heavily on couches, sitting with their quadrupedal bodies, as their front limbs remained straight and rigid. Their upper arms flexed slightly, as they took turns bringing teacups up to their mouths to take a sip as they spoke quietly among each other. They quickly break away from the conversation to examine you as you walk through the door.
With multiple eyes upon you, your mind began to race as it hyper focused on your clothes. The bright saturated pink of your dress (Check for accuracy in the document thing+ FINISH DESCRIPTION). They all watch as well, standing up while talking chattily to each other.
“Sup sis!” The smallest taur said to you, his white stripe had barely (how does their color change as they age), “Thought you’d never get back!”
“Oh of course I’d return brother!” You said in response, giving the group a curtsy, the tiny fingertips wrinkled your satin dress with precision as your front legs bent slightly in politeness.
“Your mother and I have been worried sick.” The largest of the three projected his voice much louder than the younger male, which made you jump slightly as he expressed himself, turning in your direction, and nearly leaping from his chair as he saw you. The smaller adult sat there; legs crossed, as well as her arms, a piercing stare directly into your soul, as to say ‘your father is right’.
It was a familiar feeling, being talked down to by your parents again, though there was something that irritated you about things. They quickly begin to lose your focus, your stare wandered around the enormous room you found yourself in. The architecture surrounding you had enticed you more than anything these people could have shown or told you.
Ultimately, you ended up waiting for the three of them to quit talking, after politely shooting them smiles and nods, regardless of your vindictive attitude, not long after everyone’s introduction, you look around seeing a multitude of pathways within your immaculate dwellings. First a deep cavernous rocky archway leading down a steep spiraling staircase, winding deep down into the earth’s crust as it curved in a tight disorienting coil. On the other side, a large wooden door; in it, was etched images of your family's past, from generations ago. A tail you recalled to be the most boring and mundane one that was drilled into your head since you were young. Then again, you could also stay here, and listen to what your parents have to say.
Where will you go?

Written by Driftingdragon on 05 March 2020

Go to library emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

The looming presence of what could have been beyond those doors stuck with you, it caused you to want to know what was behind it, your curiosity got the best of you. In the middle of one of your family lectures you decided to wander off into the library of the gigantic palace. Needless to say the amount of books contained in overwhelmed you quite a bit, as you were consumed by the mouth of the room, walking past the archway.


Your eyes could barely focus on the numerous books lining the walls of the library, their various colors were a blur, as they lined up all the way to the ceiling. Tracks folded themselves around the tops of the shelves, where the towering ladders sat firmly. The books were organized by genre. Which will you choose?

Written by Driftingdragon on 29 March 2020

History emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

As you scanned through the books lining your castle’s opulent shelves, you stopped at the first and most interesting book you can find. ‘History’ was written on the cover in large text.
“Guess this is what interests people.” you stared at the painted cover as it was filled with figures, countries, and flags overlapping in varied opacities. You weren’t able to recognize any of the individuals listed on the cover, or even in the table of context as you began to scan the words lining the pages. Time seemed to fly by as you learned about lifetime's worth of knowledge; you pondered to yourself how nobody could have known the impact of their actions. Your stomach began to feel heavy as you read through pages of destruction and war.
You had learned many battle tactics, as well as soft-power skills, readying you for your own space in history itself. Something about the level of manipulation you had exposed yourself to began to make your head spin as your mind grew exponentially as you sat there quietly with your muzzle between the pages. What will you do?

Written by Driftingdragon on 03 May 2020

Stop emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You place the book down, disgusted and unentertained. Not caring to finish studying this subject, you decide to occupy your time with something else. After falling asleep and taking a nap for the entire day, you realize that you needed to prepare for the attendance of the ball, which had completely snuck up on you in your distraction. What do you do?

Written by Driftingdragon on 07 May 2020

Go For a walk emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Your mind still wandered needlessly, so your feet decided to do the exact same. As the sounds of the voices and banter grew farther from you as you walked away down the hall leading up to the main ballroom, looking around the way just ahead to figure out what it is you will spend your time doing at this point. You find yourself sitting on the front stairs of your castle, waiting alone by yourself for something to happen, though your mind enjoyed being alone for once. The countless stories and tales of history you briefed yourself on earlier kept playing through your head as if it were a broken record.
Suddenly it came to you! From the hard work you had put into studying the historical backings of the different warring nations you were born into. You had made up to yourself that at that moment you would become a diplomat. The mundane and boring tasks you were ‘destined’ to enjoy just wasn’t cutting it for you. Therefore you decided to dedicate your energy into something slightly more parallel with the somewhat interesting vices of political enlightenment; a topic you had grazed over slightly in your studying. Where will you go?

Written by Driftingdragon on 18 June 2020

Travel as a neutral party. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

As the middle most neutral land between the five kingdoms, you decided to yourself that you wanted to tour every one of the other kingdoms with a newfound passion for history and literature. You knew that traveling the world, you had to find a nice sounding and official title to go by just so that you could have an extra layer of protection just in case. As the neutral kingdom of the five great kingdoms, you had enough power from your own throne to make this happen right away, and before the morning even came, you were off on your adventure.
You rode into the wilderness pondering what you shall now call yourself, and what impact that may have on those who encounter you on your journey. Now you have read many words in those history books, but you needed to find out one of them that stood out particularly well to you. Not too nice, not too mean, and definitely nothing ugly! You thought to yourself long and hard about this, but it wasn’t until you had come across the first kingdom, before you had found your perfect name.

Written by Driftingdragon on 31 July 2020

Anthropologist emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You set off to the west calling yourself an “Anthropologist” a word you had read vaguely about in your studies, though you only truly understood it to be ‘studying people’ so that was what you did. In the Western parts of the land, you found yourself among a medium sized minging kingdom, half buried in their own tunnels, with the remaining land sitting high atop enormous mountains. In your mind, it was an amazing feat, and you wanted to know more about how it came to be, though you couldn’t decide whether you wanted to start from below and work your way up, or climb your way to the top, before understanding what was hidden beneath the foundation.

Written by Driftingdragon on 01 August 2020

Up to Down emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decided to begin where the majority of the palace was placed, the high up cliff was lined by a thick rocky precipice which caused your head to spin as you looked up at the towering magnificence of this kingdom. When you had arrived you were greeted by a leagues of workers, butlers, greeters, and the like. It was made up in your mind that you were going to speak to every one of these people before you left. Trying your best to learn the most about their culture and what they were doing.
It wasn’t long before you got to the king and queen, two simple anthros. But what you had learned truly shocked you: this kingdom in particular had a strict regime of workers and royalty, the workers spent most of their time in the underground tunnels, while the royalty supplied them with the property tools and things needed to survive. You thought it was a pretty neat system, especially so since the extravagant living situation up top seemed to be well funded as well.
“What is it you are doing here?” the king said to you as you knelt down at the foot of his throne.
“I’m a traveller, trying to discover what is the most special about these kingdoms, the workings of my own had bored me, and therefore I went out to seek more of the world in compensation.” Your short speech had seemed to impress them quite well.
“And your title?” you thought to yourself once again about the word you had read in your studies.
“Anthropologist” you said with a smile.
“Good!” he said, returning the happy attitude, “we will be needing you for some tasks.” you nodded your head happily as you awaited further instructions. Not long after you were escorted to your personal quarters, a hard knock on your door jolted you out of your lounging.
A silver platter with three scrolls had been delivered to you, each with different text and colors to match it. After taking a short amount of time to look and think them over, you had finally decided which of the three you had chosen to pick.

Written by Driftingdragon on 02 August 2020

Cultural emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

This scroll directed you to go to yet another library. A familiar sight to you, as you walked past the enormous threshold. The scroll directed you to do a job completely novel to you called cultural resource management, unbeknownst to you, one of the most mundane tasks you had never heard of before. Yet you were almost forced to sit and sift through hundreds of ancient artifacts, which ultimately began showing you more about the history of this great nation.
You beheld hundreds of different types of artifacts, along with even more documentation to legitimize it. Your eyes had actually become widely propped open with fascination as you slowly uncovered the truth of the Western Kingdom. For hours you had pasted yourself to the cultural puzzle pieces you were given and slowly you began to realize not everything was as it seemed.
By the time you were finished organizing and cataloging their entire reshaped history you were absolutely sure of one thing only. Something terrible was awry. The way their world was portrayed had been completely bastardized into a form which was not fully accurate. The way those below were treated was appalling to you, as if their own stories had been fully unwritten by those above, you were enraged, angered by how blatantly dismissive they were to the experience of those around them. Your mind was clouded with fear and confusion as you figured out how other taurs of your kind had been used and neglected as labor for this city due to your much stronger physique. A chilling feeling of being trapped washed over you like a cold wave, time seemed to go in slow motion as you pondered how you would escape. What will you do?

Written by Driftingdragon on 03 August 2020

Everything emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You spent some time thinking about what you have learned and choose to take matters into your own hands. The rest of your studying time was spent on a plan to help the other taurs liberate themselves in this fractal society. Taking notes all night on what you've studied your trade much harder than you ever have, and before the night was up, you had finalized your plan.
Before the sun had begun to rise, you heard a quiet creeping through the hallways just as dawn casted it's bright lights across the kingdom. Not long after, you heard a knock on your door, you waited, and shortly after a faint creek as the door turned on its hinges. The dark movement cut through your room as your night adjusted eyes remained affixed on the tall slender figure.
The queen jumped slightly as she realized you were awake when she touched your shoulder. You quickly sat up in reaction and began to address her, your work ethic and affinity for the early rise and flossed her mind with your studies. You tried to remain subtle about your cause, but you reported your work well enough to her to keep her in check. Before she had time to respond you were leading her to their counsel to excitedly propose your plan.
This was it, not only did you have a voice, but you also had the knowledge and plan to implement your best possible attempts to make history, and in a few words, you were about to shock them all.
"We should reform the mines for better labor" they were shocked, yet you had only begun your intricately planned pitch. For hours you talked their ears off with every reason to trust you, the benefit to the kingdom, and each financial figure associates. They were impressed.
Not long after you had persuaded them into your trap, you began leading every anthro in a position of power down to the mines, and to your surprise, it looked just as opulent at the entry gate of the deep dark tunnels. You all were greeted by a happy taur gatekeeper, who you trotted ahead to chat with out of earshot, and when the royals came back, you smiled politely and continued managing their makeshift campaign.
”open the gates" the king commanded, and the taur slid through the hard ocked double doors and began the long hard process of opening the gates, it took longer than usual but when they were finally fully opened every non taur was rushed and roped up swiftly, and even after the remainder of the royal guard was called in for backup, the taurs outnumbered the guards 3 to 1 and easily overthrew the throne, trapping the royalty in the same tunnels as before.
Your usurping was a success, sealing them in the mines they once banished taurs to, the anthros who had agreed with your regime built a new cultural nation alongside the taurs, which ended greater than the sum of what was before. As a pacifist princess, now rising to the ranks of a queen, you designated the mine as a type of educational museum for those who opposed your unity rule. The reformed workforce allowed people to meet a minimum amount of give and take, where those who wanted more could apply for additional forms of work and financing of their choosing, in order to slowly rise in the ranks over generations.
Following your reforms, you were crowned unanimously by the people as the new queen, and during your official inauguration you were publicly granted a new transformation outfit. When you were on the stage you watched as the crowd applauded you like no other royalty before. The liberated gatekeeper, your new advisor, and a royal counsel member from the previous anthro regime walked up to you proudly and placed an enormous opulent fur collar over your shoulders. It weighed heavy on your shoulders as you took on the responsibility of the people, but it wasn't until you had returned to your enormous bedroom.
The long thick fur almost seemed to melt into the dark strands of soft hair along your shoulders, like milk pouring down your shoulder blades the guest blended down the length of your back as the texture, length, and tone began to shift into something completely novel. Your bone structure and muscle distribution shifted almost painlessly as a playful tingling spread down your limbs. You watched the world changing around you as your mind began to fill with memories of your next transformation.

Written by Driftingdragon on 05 August 2020

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