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There are many types of hell. They came in many forms. Daniel thought homework and tests were hell once, and they were to the student he once was. Daniel wiped his, no, her; forehead. Running like a man women made it hard to focus on her pronouns. “Dragons don't sweat! Stop wasting your time and shake tail Messer!” The demon called Matthew voice echo in her head with its bellows. Daniel gritted her teeth. Fangs clicking into fangs, she ran around the training grounds again. She wanted to demand for him to call her first name, Daniel; but it was a waste of air and air was precious.
“Losers don't have first names! Be they he, she or dragon.” Matthew shouted. It was all he ever did. Yell, holler, boom; didn't he have a normal tone? Daniel wished for the cold dark enclosure of that nightmare room. Well, not really but if anyone could drive her to it; it would be Matthew.
“Done.” Daniel fell to the ground. Turning her head for her snout wouldn't bang the ground like it had the first dozen times. Her pale pink nose scales had the scuffs to prove it. “Shaved off five seconds. Congrats, you're not even at a human level now.”
“Yea.” Daniel puffed. Looking up at Matthew, his red scales glittered with health and care. His tired body didn't quiver an inch from running alongside her the entire time. That's right he could yell, and run at the same time. Daniel narrowed her eyes at him. Damn bastard, and his ability to breath.
“Yea, Messer? You're a dragon, have you no shame?” Matthew's lip curled revealing his sharper more deadly fangs. “A Olympian could beat you. A human Olympian.” Matthew sneered. “It's a disgrace.” What was the true disgrace was her attraction to Matthew. Despite his obvious personality issues. His bare chest stippled with small red scales. Sparkling like their diamond-shape, draped over a well-formed six-pack. One she longed to have as a human male, and one she wanted as a dragon female. What made her uncomfortable was the reasons behind the two were different as night and day. She couldn't tell him that for clear reasons.
“Sorry?” Daniel said trying to keep the crazed dragon happy. She might be one too, but outside the adrenaline rush she couldn't bring out her abilities very well. Pushing herself up she sat on the ground. Unsure if she should attempt getting up, and if she succeeded, would it mean more training.
“Sorry, I'll give you a sorry.” Matthew placed a hand on his hip. Hand out, claws pointed at her; falling into full lecture mode. Daniel hated lectures, she remembered school being a level one hell because of them. With Matthew a part of her like them, he was kind-of hot narrowing his eyes and baring his fangs. Daniel groaned, when did she get so bent? Was it part of the transformation or was there always this part of her inside? “Groaning is not allowed in the training room!” Matthew said pointing away, “I ought-”
“Sir, the Doctor needs you right away.” A short brown haired man in military garb cut Matthew off. Matthew turned his head in an iconic horror movie fashion. Daniel wonder if she should be laughed or pray for the poor guy, who dare disturb a lecture. He was her saviour either way, and those blue eyes of his, seemed to dart her way? The idea of someone else running the extra twenty laps... gave Daniel a sinister satisfaction, no matter how cute he was.
“Fine.” Matthew snapped. Before turning those angry eyes at her, causing her to shiver. “Hit the showers.”
Sweet freedom was in grasp! Daniel shot up with surprising ease, ready to shoot off to the beautiful hot showers. Since she had turned dragon. Daniel found it hard to stay warm, Daniel did remember Pam suffering from chills. Maybe it was a girl thing? Either way, she was out of here. Looking at Matthew, who in turned stared at her. She wondered if she missed something in translation?

Written by psto1464 on 04 December 2019

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Call of the showers

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