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“Should I come too?” Daniel asked. Matthew was staring at her, really staring at her. A heat built up inside her at the intensity. It wasn't anger his eyes weren't dark enough, whatever it was that he saw; made him smile. A smile that burned her down to her toes, and had he build human; surly would have curled the toes of the straightest man. God, Daniel wanted to raise her hand to fan herself.
She didn't, first rule in survival; don't move. That's what they want. “You do have some dragons blood in those veins of yours.” Matthew said, nodded with approval. “Well, I wouldn't have a tail otherwise.” Daniel hitched a thumb behind her to her long violet scaled tail laying limp behind her. Much like a cat; it's acting more on emotions than control. “That's your flesh.” Matthew closed the gap between them, forcing her head up to keep eye contact. “I want what's in here.” Matthew placed a hand on her chest. She was wearing a black sports bra. It kept things tucked in, and covered.
What it didn't do was stop the heat from his palm getting through to her chest. Daniel tried to calm down. Not wanting Matthew to feel her pulse, along with her heart race. She couldn't stop it though. All she could do was be grateful that her new pink and purple scales. They covered the faint raising of heat in her muzzled face.
“Show that dragon initiative Messer. Then I'll call you by your first name sometime within the nest decade.” Matthew's hand dragon, and he turned on his heel. “Let's go.”
“Yes sir.” Daniel followed at his heals. The blue-eyed messenger struggled to kept up himself. They share a disgruntled glance, but kept focus to keep up. That man, no; that dragon. Did he mess with her like this on purpose? Judging by the man beside her, he did it to everyone. Daniel feared she would hear him call her by her first name before she ever figured it out. Matthew was crazy, and he would be even if he wasn't a dragon. Leaving blue-eyes outside the room.
They entered to see He, the Doctor; whose name was actually Warner; and was the only one Matthew seemed to respect. Though she still thought of him as He, the devil, or more often it was Doctor ass-hat. Daniel liked living, she only called him Doctor out-loud. Wouldn't look good for you to call your boss, and main source of living outside a freak-show; ass-hat to his face. Training may be hell, but she had good food. Better than anything from home. Prime cut meats, organic vegetables. Seafood's so strange that Daniel wasn't sure if they even came from this planet.
If he could turn me her from a normal high-school male to a female dragon prepping for battle. Whose to say he couldn't get things from space? Standing in front of a large round table, his black eyes shined in the barely lit room. Daniel's souls shivered, that guy could be from space. His eyes were out of this world, and not in an attractive way, but a creepy, sadistic evil devil way.
“I'm not an alien Daniel.” Warner said with a calm, soft voice. Daniel's skin crawled. Mind reader! “Nor can I read mind.”
“You're an easy read Messer.” Matthew blew smoke through his nose, showy bastard. Daniel glared down his muzzle, she wasn't brave enough to glare into his eyes. Survival instant, or cowardice, she preferred thinking it was the first one.
“Let's cut this to the bone. Fire-burn went up in smoke. I need you to go in and retrieve want you can.” Warner spoke directly to Matthew. Daniel took the time to look around the room some more; she wasn't gawking. It looks like one of those secret military rooms, why were these things dimly lit all the time? If the secret room is secret, couldn't they afford to brighten things up?
“Are the knights involved?” Matthew asked. Daniel tuned back into their talk, knights? Did they mean dragon fighting knights? She pulled memories of kids shows where silver armoured men ran on horseback. Battling dragons and saving damsels in distress. She always wanted to be one, but she would be the damsel now, wouldn't she? Daniel didn't like that idea so much, she could be a lady knight instead. They had those, right?
“Unfortunately.” Warner said, his voice tight with annoyance. “Knights kill dragon's Daniel. Don't give in to those flights of fancy.”
“It'll get you killed.” Matthew said pouring cold water on her fun.
“I didn't say anything!” Daniel hastily defended herself. She didn't! Not out loud anyway...
“You're a book Daniel,” Warner said, sighing. Shoulders rolling in the first sign of weakness the devil doctor ever show. He seemed tired. Daniel blinked. Maybe he was human? “Do you think she can handle it Matthew?”
“First-hand experience might level her up.” Matthew grinned, the same grin from training. Daniel contained her groan, she was dead. So dead. “Kick out the boy, and make her a dragoness.”
“What do you say Daniel?” Warner gave her an option, a legit option? She doubted it.
“Do I want to go?” Daniel asked, waiting for the trick, the trap.
“Don't answer with a question! Answer with determination. Where's your initiative Messer!” Matthew bellowed out in true trainer fashion.

Written by psto1464 on 06 December 2019

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