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The sound of smashing glass violently wakes you from your sleep. They've found you. You rush toward the basement door, dashing through it and tumbling down the stairs. The house above you shakes and rumbles ferociously as a vehicle plows through the walls. You hide under the stairs, amidst the dark, damp and must ridden basement. Your paws stand on broken glass and uneven pavement but your fear of the enemy keeps you quiet and still despite the searing pain.
You cannot smell a thing through the thick scent that permeates every inch of the underground room. Loud voices shout and call above you, issuing orders to find anyone there. Two come down the stairs, rifles in hand, vests on and noses sniffing for you. You move back into the shroud of darkness, completely concealed and undetected. Once they reach the bottom of the stairs they turn toward you but the dark conceals you so well that they glance over you, easily missing your dark, dirt-matted fur. With each of their footsteps your heart pounds and your mind goes black. They look around for a moment and then leave back up the stairs. You let out a breath of relief as you hear them move onward and away from the house.

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 18 November 2013


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