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It isn't until the last sounds of their vehicles fade into the distance, that you move again. Suddenly the pain in your footpaws return and you stumble backwards. You crash into something rough and boney. As you look over you come face to face with two skulls. The mummified remains of two long forgotten humans; caretakers of the house you previously took refuge in and what now most certainly lays in ruin above your head. You jump back instantly out of instinct but try your best to maintain composure. Suddenly the must ridden smell of the room makes sense. The bodies must have been here for years. These two had died holding one another and possibly hiding from the same force you yourself just hid from.


The poor souls never had a chance. A bullet wound through each of them show how their story ended. The man seems to be clutching a small book, a journal. As you pry it from the body, a small sigh seems to whisper throughout the house, though nobody is around. The ancient pages are littered with hastened words and quickly jotted sentences. The man must have known what was coming. As you read on you discover that when the wolves first came to power, they had taken the humans completely by surprise, toppling their legacy within months. Everything that was human was eradicated as best as it could be. They wanted to eliminate every last shred of their existence. These two people, Lori and Tom, were some of the last survivors. There is a date on the last page but you cannot read it.

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 19 November 2013

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