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There is no time to cook it so you just hold the meat and tear into it. Each bite smelling better and better. Cleaning up is easy, your tongue taking care of most of the job, leaving a quick shower to finish the job.


Brushing your teeth is a surprise. Your nose has changed, not only it is covered in a striped fur it is reshaped, much like a tiger. You touch it in disbelief as a wave of fear comes over you before you think about how much easier it will be to smell with it.


Perhaps it is just the sleep talking but you decide to sleep on it and see what the morning brings.


Sleeping brings you dreams. You are a tiger heading around the habitat in the zoo, once again though there is no trace of the humans looking in, the tigress hiding somewhere around your main focus.


You toss and turn in your sleep, moaning as you find the tigress in your dreams and have some...intimate moments with her. A deep purr rumbles through your throat as you sleep.


The morning arrives shattering the dream. Your feet have started to change , the underside are pawpads , helping you walk without shoes, the memories of your walk reminding you that bare feet are not good for long walks. They also have reshaped , forcing you onto the balls of your feet.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 22 July 2015

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