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You look at your half-paws in confusion. How are you going to hide this? You take a step and smile. This is strange, but the padding on your feet will definitely make shoes unnecessary. You shrug. Maybe no one will notice or just think you are playing? You walk to work, which is a dead in desk jockey job.


But things are work are strange. People are giving you nervous looks, as if afraid of you. Suddenly a woman walks by you..a woman with a large orange beak in place of a mouth. She takes a look at your feet and squawks in fright, before running off.


Your colleagues look over and run out as well, you notice various animal parts on them, rabbit ears, zebra stripes (and somehow you know it is zebra and not a white tiger) along with various other prey animals.


The boss comes in, he has changed a lot, his head fully elephant. Dropping to all fours he charges at you, forcing you to climb over the desk and away. Behind you the elephant-headed boss runs through it only slowing slightly. The door is just ahead and you dive through it, leaving him stuck behind it.


Well there is not much point staying here now, perhaps you can go back to the zoo and find your way back into the habitat and explore the places you saw last time?


But you shake your head, looking down at your half-paw feet and touching your animalistic nose. No...this isn’t normal. You need to talk to the zookeeper. Maybe she will know what is happening to you and how...or if you can stop it. Or if you WANT to stop it. You shake your head violently. This is messing with your mind. Looking back at the building you walk away, determined not to head back inside.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 23 July 2015

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