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As you head off the roads you traveled to work on are now blocked the zoo seemingly grown over the buildings. Forcing you to head in a different direction. Cutting through a park you spot a bunch of otters playing in the ponds. They spot you and head towards you almost as if they had something to tell you.


But then they see your large paws and suddenly jump back, frightened. Something about you terrified them apparently. You look over to the pond and spot what seems to be writing there. "Human, must remember. Don't let her. " Even with so few words, the later words are much messier written even though they seem to be from the same hand.


In fact the writing seems to change it's meaning. The messy, kindergarten looking writing read; "Otter fun! Glad I not smelly hooman! Ooo! Clam!" And with that the writing disappears from your very eyes, no trace of it left.


You look around, and the entire park seems to have changed, the large areas of grass are now replaced by water with only small islands. You'd have to swim to get out now.


But that would be a very bad idea. Because there on the island is a family of humans. A family of humans covered in tough green scales. Although your vision seems to be better in some senses, the colors seem washed out


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 24 July 2015

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