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Against your better judgment, you head over to the big creature. You don?t dare to let your guard down for a second, making each step slow and cautious, almost like you?re walking on broken glass. Your entire body is tense, ready to bolt at any given second. Breath is a luxury you can?t afford at the moment, as you?re worried the tiniest sound will spook this leviathan and seal your fate.


The closer you get, the tenser you feel. It gets to the point where your leg muscles are pinched so tight it hurts to move them. You wonder if everyone watching is laughing at you or cheering you on. You could see them laughing at you, because you must look pretty ridiculous. Especially if this is something the game makers just put here to freak you out. On the other hand, they might be watching with hushed breath, reactions hinged on every move you make.


You?re within a few feet of the creature now, and you start to relax a bit more. You can see its chest rising and falling quite slowly, indicating it?s either tired or asleep. Mustering up all your courage, you call out a ?hello?, trying to get a response from this huge creature.


At first nothing happens, and you wonder how insane you just looked to the thousands watching you. But then the creature shudders and starts rolling over. You jump back in surprise, falling on your butt in the sand. Scurrying, you dash out of the way of this beast, kicking up sand on its body as you do. A grumble and moan erupts from the animal, whose movements are beginning to slow again.


Since it doesn?t look like this thing will be much of a threat to you, you walk around it in search of a face, still keeping a safe distance just in case. As you walk around what you can only assume is its head, an eye suddenly becomes visible, barely poking out of the sand. Your initial assumptions were right though, as the creature appears to be kind of giant whale. Cautiously approaching its face, you do your best to smile and wave at the thing, not knowing what else to really do in this situation.


The whale, finally catching you in its gaze, starts bellowing at you. You?re not sure quite what it means, but you have a guess. The poor guy wants to get back in the water where he belongs! That massive tidal wave must?ve washed him up here, beaching him. Knowing that this thing doesn?t really intend to hurt you anymore, you decide to help it. Luckily, the tide is coming back in, and the whale is able to wiggle some. Placing both of your hands against its nose, you start shoving. It?s futile of course, but you try your hardest to get the whale back home, not exactly sure why.


Suddenly, the whale starts screeching, forcing you to stop pushing and cover your ears. An odd energy starts surging through your body, your arms and legs feeling rejuvenated by some mysterious force. The surge of energy has died down to a bearable point, so you turn back to the whale and place your hands on its head again. With one huge shove, the creature slides back into the water almost effortlessly, letting out a loud, joyous call.


Stunned and looking at your hands, you wonder what the hell just happened. Looking back out to the whale, who is happily swimming away, you see something shiny in the water he drug with him. It?s not too far out, and it looks like it could be related to your strange powers?

Written by Zorpix on 03 July 2014

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