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Curiosity getting the better of you, you decide to pursue the shiny thing in the water. You walk up to the shore, feet testing the water. It feels a bit warm, which is odd for ocean water. You figure it?s probably just because of the barrier that seems to be regulating climate, and pay it no mind.


You wade into the water until you?re about waist deep. The metal thing is still a few feet out, and sitting at the sea floor. It becomes apparent that the golden glow isn't just coming from the sun reflecting off of the artifact. Whatever is in the water, it's creating the light itself. A strange power is emanating from it, and you can feel it even from here. It's hard to explain, but it almost feels like it's weighing you down and pulling you toward it. With fear welling up in the pit of your stomach, you swim out until you're directly in front of it. Taking a huge gulp of air, you close your eyes and dive under the waves.


You've never been one for keeping your eyes open underwater, and it takes a bit of fumbling around before you feel your hand grasp the metal whatever it is under the water. Kicking your way back to the surface, you realize you've underestimated how heavy this thing is. It takes all of your might just to make it back to the surface and gulp in a breath of air before being dragged back down. Struggling intensely, you crawl back onto shore, dragging this thing along in the sand beneath you.


After letting yourself relax a bit on the sand, you take a good look at what you've pulled up. It seems to be some kind of large talisman, with a picture of a lion type creature on the front. Flipping it over reveals a large indent in the shape of a hand, which stretches the entire length of the object. With a shrug, you place your hand on the imprint.


Immediately, you feel your body start heating up. With a yell, you try to yank your hand away, but the medallion comes with it, suddenly much lighter than before. You put your hands to your head and scream, as a small pounding inside your brain has grown to a loud roar. Your skin pulls and stretches, your very shape as a human becoming contorted and twisted. Your bones grind against each other as they shift and shrink inside your body. You feel your legs start curving, and your arms start becoming more locked and rigid. A sharp pain by your rump presses against your skin, jutting out to form some kind of tail. Your neck feels like it's being pricked by a thousand tiny needles, and thick hair starts sprouting out, turning into a majestic mane. You lower yourself onto all fours, as this feels more comfortable now. Oddly enough, your face seems to stay unchanged, but it has shrunk just a bit to become proportional with the rest of your body.


A voice booms from overhead, congratulating you in some weird voice. Apparently, you can't understand human-speak anymore. But who cares You're a sphinx! The barrier opens up, and you spread your wings to fly out of the arena, powerful, free, and alive.


The end! But what if you had chosen a different path...? Go back to the beginning and find out!

Written by Zorpix on 23 July 2014

The end (for now)

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