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For once Jake wasn't spending the evening in chat with his buddies at FurStar, because there was a King Kong marathon running on TV, and dad, his brothers, and Uncle Mel had bribed him into joining them with chips and beer. The films weren't really his jam, but he did feel like he needed to spend more time with his family. The idea of going off to college after summer had started to loom large. He could entertain himself by trying to see how well-made the King Kong suits were, and the lights and warmth of the living-room helped distract him from what had happened to Daniel for a little while.


There was a tap on the window out to the dark garden, loud enough to be heard over the TV. Jake's head jerked up. He couldn't see anything out there. Had it just been – he didn't know, a bird, a random twig hitting the glass? Almost right away, he heard the doorbell. It sounded like someone had pressed it who didn't want to be heard.


“I'll get it,” Mel said, folding one leg back off the coffee table. He was sitting closest to the hallway.


“No, don't worry about it!”


Jake flung himself out of the couch and rushed down the hallway. Now they would be speculating about his embarrassing speed. Maybe they would just assume it was some girl, that might be just as well. He didn't want to have to explain about Dan.


There was no-one outside. Jake stood still, shoulders set, breathing in the dew-perfumed night air. It felt like he should have expected this.


He heard a scraping, the movement of a foot. A slim figure was hiding away behind the corner of the house, but not enough for him not to see her. It was very clearly female, its skimpy figure left little doubt about that. What was more, every part of her was covered in short, dense white fur: her face, the swelling bust under her silken top, her long nervous rabbit ears.


She made a little noise and backed away from him. Had he looked that perverted? Jake put his hands out in an apologetic gesture. He had never seen anything like her, there was no way a suit could fit so realistically on a person. She was like a CGI effect copied onto the world.


The rabbit-girl squealed again and started running down the street. A word came into Jake's head: “bait.” But he'd already decided, hadn't he? If he didn't take this bait, an entire world would remain closed to him.


Jake ran after her.

Written by on 03 June 2019

Both David

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