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David shook his head and tried Jake's phone number. No response, any more than from Pammy or Gassan. Three of his buddies wouldn't get back to him, that was hardly a coincidence any more – no. He shook his head as if he could get the thoughts out of there by force. Better to assume they were goofing off somewhere, maybe at a party, and that he was the only one at least trying to come up with a plan for finding Daniel.


There was a quick ring on the doorbell. He ignored it for a second, but he was alone in the house, wasn't he? He rushed down the stairs.


Pammy stood outside. That was his first thought: she had Pammy's general shape, her golden-blond frizz of hair, but some sort of nightmare was superimposed on that familiar figure. Her skin was so white it glowed. It wasn't skin at all, it was short fur. He hardly noticed her clothes at first, because they were the same colour, but they were even skimpier than what Pammy would normally wear.


He'd taken a step towards her, to push her away, or just to touch her and see if she were real. He thought he saw Pammy mouth the word:




Then she spun and ran.


“No, Pammy, wait!”


David ran after her, and after a while he could no longer hear his own footsteps and he was spinning down through a void.

Written by on 05 June 2019

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