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"So... that... happened?" Eve said, trying to break the suspense. Things are immensely awkward between you.


"Shell we help that girl?" Marcus speaks, breaking the tension further as the women turn to face the kneeling woman. Jen looks at Eve and Eve sighs.


"I suppose so." Eve says and the four of you turn around and begin moving towards Sera. The tall man who has been observing you so far, also moves in.


"Marcus, Quinn." Marcus says introducing you to the tall man. The tall man nods.


"Ken." He says as you all approach Sera. She is bleeding from her left arm and leg and she is stiff. You are surprised to find that she is still alive. Marcus calls out to her but she doesn't respond. You press your hand against her forehead and use your other hand to touch her limbs. Her limbs are as cold as stone but her forehead is hot.


"She has a fever!" you declare and everyone bundles together. Ken and Marcus start pulling out some of the bandages they have thankfully brought with them. You and the two other women pull Sera down and lay her on her back as you take the bandages, pressing them against the injured parts, pulling out the bits of shrapnel. By sheer luck they missed any major arteries as you patch her up, thankfully it seems that all of you came prepared.


"Does anyone have a bedroll?" you ask and everyone looks at each other as Jen and Eve speak to each other in hushed tones. Eve goes to her backpack and Jen helps her to get a bedroll out. With great effort you put the unconscious Sera in it as her wounds are tendered to, placing a cold, wet rag on her head, cooling it off while her cold limbs are heated.


"I think she's stable." Ken says after you finish with Sera. There is a moment of silence between all of you as Ken speaks once more. "I know a bit about medicine and electronics myself.... Does anyone here know about computers?" He asks and you all start speaking about your proficiencies but in the end you all decide to go towards the console.


"It is fried..." You say as you see the exposed wiring on the rather large and bulky piece of electronics that is literally inside a large stone. The wires crack with electric power. Do you investigate it or not?


Written by Luksinatriks on 04 February 2018

Both You investigate it

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