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A few days had passed since Daniel was possessed by the She wolf and Eveanna had changed into bestial forms, a business man was preparing himself for another night alone in his apartment.


The man was alone in a parking lot, eyes flashing back and forth observing the area around him. It was oddly silent, maybe too silent perhaps. He decided to rush eagerly to his vehicle and get inside.


The lights above him began to flicker, providing an ominous buzzing noise that filled the car lot. There was a sound of air whooshing across the lot. It made the man look back and forth rather nervously.


There was a black mist tunneling its way through the parking lot at a fast pace. It was the same kind of particles that formed the wolf spirits that possessed both Eve and Daniel before.


It has dashed between a series of cars that were lined up in a row, and still hasn’t found its proper target. It was getting frustrated. But when it heard something finally move, it got excited.


The large thick mass would soon slither its way through the center of the parking lot and finally found its target. The man was just getting into his car and closing the door. The thick black mist managed to seep its way in through a crack in the window.

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 11 March 2018


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