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Jason had been busy the past few weeks with a new design project his boss had given him. He had to completely redesign a new form of hotels that would make them more comfortable and more popular than the previous branches of hotels that were already out there.


It was definitely more of an impossible task to overcome. Which for various reasons is why Jason thinks his boss is trying to get him fired. He had not noticed the thick fog hovering about him.


However when his mouth opened, the black mist took action. It shoved itself inside of him and made his throat bulge. The man whined and grunted, attempting to struggle free from the strange thing that was going down inside him.


He felt strange after his mouth closed. His body began to soon feel extremely hot. He began to undo his shirt and grunt softly. He was well toned for a guy of 45 years of age. He could feel his entire body rippling in a series of waves.


He winced and grunted some, feeling the change overcome him. His manly body was soon undergoing that change. His chest was starting to stretch out and form round shapes. His manly hair soon grew thick even more so then it was.


But it wasn’t his hair, it was actually fur! He could feel his ears beginning to stretch upward, his face also began to extend. There was no pain, it was just a smooth transition from man to woman and into beast.
The rest of his body had also undergone the change. He no longer could feel his crotch, and his man clothes felt so different on him now. His eyes frantically looked about. “W-what the hell?”

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 14 March 2018

The wolf

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