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In that moment, something within you snapped. Primal instincts surged to the forefront, pushing aside all rational thought and certainly human compassion. For the briefest of moments, you really were a Renamon, a hunter and a predator.


You dashed at high speeds towards the Impmon and his trio of Hagurumon, claws raised and fangs bared. The ground shook with explosions aimed at you, but you advanced forth like a juggernaut. You jumped at the Hagurumon hauling Impmon. Both fists began pounding the metal faster trying to deliberate Hagurumon and snatch up Impomon… your victim.


You could smell his fear, trembling every time you knocked the Hagurumon back and came this close to reaching him. He feared you now, and that fed your rage even more. Suddenly, your vision went red. Adrenaline pumping, you could only hear the metal being smashed over and over and over... Until there was a deafening crack like that of a lightning bolt. The first Hagurumon had been defeated.


Your body automatically moved on to the next, hearing Impmon shriek and his feel scuttle in that direction. With another ear-splitting roar, you dove in. “Where can you go now? You can't escape! You can't beg for mercy! Mercy requires being human. I have no humanity.” However, as you heard Impmon scream either in fear or in pain, everything went completely black and still.

Written by grade-amasterpiece on 11 April 2016

Waking up

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