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You found yourself in euphoric rest. You suspected that you would wake up with another throbbing migraine, but that didn't help alleviate the pain when you slowly regained consciousness, feeling like your head was going to implode.


You were greeted with the sight of wood, probably a hut. Out of the corner of you eye, you noticed there was no window. This wasn’t Guilmon’s hut. I slowly began to sit up and look around. It was one-room hut, more than likely belonging to another villager. “What were the damages…?” You asked yourself groggily. Sitting right next to you, holding out a canteen for you, was Guilmon.


"Hey, Guilmon..." You mumbled, reaching out and taking the canteen he was offering, "W-what… happened?”


“You mean you don’t remember?" Guilmon replied, his voice full of shock, "How can you not? You slashed and pounded right through reinforced metal! You even tanked some explosions!”


You took a moment to look down at your hands. Your gloves were gone, but your hands themselves looked almost completely normal. No bleeding. No bruising. They only felt sore and appeared a little swollen. This led you to believe someone took off your gloves for you. “W-Wait. If I couldn’t take them off, why could they?” You asked yourself after a moment of clarity. Yeah, some force out there was playing with you.


"I… don’t know..." You answered. It was something you didn’t want to recall. In that bout of primal rage, you abandoned all shred of humanity. You felt disgusted. This stupid costume robbed you of everything – your home, your sense of self, everything! Gritting your teeth behind pursed lips, you addressed Guilmon again. "So what about the others? And Impmon and the Andromon?”


"Everyone else is fine," Guilmon assured with a smile, "The village is currently being rebuilt. As for Impmon…” Guilmon recalled the damages done to Impmon by you. “Well, they retreated, but I clearly saw the aftermath. To put it simply, it looked as though someone had thrown him in a meat grinder.”


Your imagination running wild, you started to feel sick to your stomach. Sure, you were already suffering a hangover-like nausea, but this was different. “Did I... Did I really do that to him?” You looked down at your own body again and noticed, for the first time, all the dried blood that was clotted in your fur.


It was Impmon’s blood.


You didn't just punch those guys out or anything. You mauled them.


You wanted to go home more desperately than ever now. But you still had nothing.


Except one thing…


“Guilmon,” you said at length, trying to keep calm. But, at this point, your hands were shaking, “There was a costume in the closet of your guest bedroom. Do you still have it?”

Written by grade-amasterpiece on 12 April 2016

He does

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