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He follows the lights until he finds himself in a medical bay.
Looking around he sees nothing but medical equipment. He feels his insides reshaping as the liquid flows through.
"Please lie down on the bed to prevent injury" the computer voice says. He lies down on the bed and immediately starts to feel sleepy.
"You may experience a discomfort during the procedure."
The first thing to change is 6 lumps start to grow on his chest. As they continue to grow they pop out the bottom of his shirt. Leaving the top ones barely covered by the material.
As they continue to grow he feels a strange sensation between his legs. His manhood was slowly being sucked into his body.With the last of his manhood gone, he looks down find he now has a new set of equipment.
The growth on his chest have finished growing , the smallest of them the size of volleyballs. He looks back between his legs and now finds himself staring at a small stub. The stub grows out into a large skunk tail bursting his pants in the process.
His shoes are now filled with fur and feel very tight. He slips them off with his other clothes.
His feet now are skunk paws. The change is continuing up his legs at a rapid speed.
The rest of his body hair is receding and being replaced with thicker coarse black and white fur.His face is completely obscured by a thick black and white mask. He feels his nose move to the center of his face and become more pronounced. His ears are moving up the sides of his head and becoming larger. He can't see it but he knows his eyes are moving to the side of his head, but he can still see just fine.
He extends his tongue to its full length finds it is longer than before.
The mirror in the room shows a very well endowed skunk lady staring back at him, the top of his head not visible. His shirt and pants are in tatters on the floor.
The computer chimes in "Species correction complete, all organs are normal for a skunk taur"
He touches his new face in the mirror. "A skunk taur?"
He looks down to see two new lumps forming just above his legs. He watches them grow before his eyes, extending into new legs.
"Why are you doing this to me?" he hears himself say. His voice sounds different. Deeper but feminine at the same time.
The computer voice "DNA was damaged. Repair is now complete."
His ears twitch and swivel atop his head, and he feels his skunk tail swishing from side to side. He can also feel his new scent glands working.
He brings a hand up to touch his face. He can't talk anymore, he can only make chirping sounds like a skunk.
"You are now a healthy female skunk taur. Gender and species have been corrected."
With that a door opens a few meters away from him. He walks towards it with a new spring in his step.
The door leads to a small bathroom, with a toilet, sink and bathtub. A large window is over looking the forest he was just in.
"Welcome back captain" the voice says. "Waiting for instructions"
He looks at himself in the mirror. No sign of stitches or even a scar. Just his new face, with black and white stripes running from his forehead down to his chin. A large bushy tail hangs from his waist.
"What is this?" he asks.
"This is the starship Mephitidae Pride. Crash landed and unable to fabricate parts the crew left to look for parts. Dna was changed to match local species. Last crew contact 60 local years ago."
"Last contact?"
"Last contact was the captain reporting 'Parts unable to be found. The crew have found new lives. I am reporting for the last time. I have now started a new family here. '."
"New family?"
"Local species are called humans. Children stay with parents for twenty years ."
"But what am I?"
"You are a female skunk taur. Captain of the vessel"
"What happened to me?"
"Your DNA was corrected to your old self"
"Your genetic information. It was changed to match your old self. The ship made you how you were before the crash"
"I feel so strange"
She touches her face and feels the thick fur that covers it.
"After spending so long as an alien species, this is normal. It may take some time to adjust."
She looks at herself in the mirror. A female skunk, white fur with black spots looking back.
She looks behind her and sees a furry tail hanging from her bottom. She touches it and feels its texture.
"What are your orders?" the computer asks.
"What are you?" she asks.
"I am the computer of the Mephitidae Pride, a Creationship. I am in charge of this vessel and crew"
"You are the only member of the crew"

Written by Ai Dungeon on 30 March 2021

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