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She asks the computer "How many crew are their meant to be?"
"39 crew are missing." the computer says, almost immediately. "Scan range is limited, even in the ship. Repair materials depleted"
"Can you change me back to the way I was?" she asks.
"Emergency DNA repair is incomplete. Full process is required before further DNA changes can be done."
"Full process require working biobed. All biobeds aboard are broken"
"Can you fix it?"
Repairs require specialized materials, nothing in scan range"
"How can you increase the scan range?"
"External sensors are encased. Please clear."
"What can I do?" she asks desperately.
Please go to the airlock to exit and dig out the sensors.
"How?" she asks.
Please walk to the airlock and use the hand scanner to exit. It does not matter which airlock
The taur considers her position. Her life has been forever altered without her consent. Now, her choices are taken away. She must obey the computer.
She stands up and walks to the door. A hand scanner is built into the wall. She steps up to it and places her hand upon it.The door opens and a bunch of dirt falls into the room.
The room beyond is filled with dirt, the top of the doorway just visible beyond. "Repair materials detected" the computer says. "Please move the dirt to the workshop"
She steps out and looks at the mountain of dirt. She paw at it, and her fingers go deep into the pile. It is soft and loose. "Do you have a cart available?" she asks the computer.
A small robot carrying a small box comes out from a flap. "Place the dirt in the box and it will be carried to the workshop"
She sets to work digging out a tunnel while the robot carries the dirt away. After many hours, the room is clear and she has started to clear outside the ship.
Progress is slow as she waits for the robot to return. Her stomach growls, "Is there any food on board?" she asks."Prioritizing food replicator for repairs" the computer says.
By the end of the day the robot returns with a small portion of food. "Food replicator fixed. Food supplies including replicator ingredients on survival level. 3 months. " "What about if I wanted to fix the ship?"
"You will require triple the survival rations. 1 month supply remains."
"Are their any nearby sources we can use?"
"The dirt you shoved today contained enough for a week's ration. In a month time the ship should be fixed enough that it will be able to generate enough ingredients by itself."
"What else can I do?"
"Just keep trying to clear the ship. More resources will assist in the repairs"
She eats the ration and soon after she feels a warmth forming on her lower chest.
"What is happening?" she asks
"Ration contained hormones. Your body is not yet fully changed. This will help complete it"
"What more needs to happen?"
"Skunk taurs have six breasts instead of the two humans have"
"I am getting more? These ones are large enough and I have to deal with more?"
She groans as four lumps appear beneath her normal two. They slowly grow larger and larger as the day passes.
"Things are going well" the computer says. She falls asleep and wakes up the next morning as they have finally stopped growing.
"How do I get rid of them?" she asks.
"Repair the ship and we will be able to finish your change"
"Why did you do this?"
The computer stays silent. She goes outside and starts digging again. The robot carries the dirt away like before. It takes two days but she finally manages to finish the task.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 12 September 2021

The end (for now)
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