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Instead, you blinked and opened your eyes to find a whole new environment surrounding you.


The air smelled thick. Saturated with a various plants and fruits. The jungle surroundings called out all around you. You found yourself walking easily on four paws. The paws of a tiger—of the suit you had donned.


Amazed, but dexterous. It was an easy feat to crouch under a tree branch growing out of the ground, or sniff out the large predatory snake a few feet away from you. You stood still as not to provoke it, it watched you, as equally interested, but then easily, in his eyes, seemed not to care anything about you—and slithered on his way.


You let out a breath. One thing densely packed forest like these were famous for, were snakes. And large ones. You went on your way whilst gathering your thoughts — completely unnoticing of a pair of eyes that had observed this encounter. 



Okay, so as the letter stated: you were now a tiger. And there had to be more costumers. 
So, you tarried through the thickets of the jungle, observing all of the blinding green flora and plantae that a tiger usually sees. The smell of the various plants and medicinal roots hits your nose constantly, no wonder the Amazon Rainforest is such a ground zero for medicine! Suddenly, up ahead, you smell the scent of another tiger. And see him too.
And he sees you too. He comes at you, walking with his tail swaying.
You both stare at each other. When he suddenly speaks, “Another one?”
You nod. “You?”
He nods. “How long have you been here?”
“Not long, little over three hours maybe.”
He nods. “Nice to meet you, your name?”
You give the newly arriving tiger your name.
“Nice name. I like it. But do you wanna keep it still? You are in a completely new world now, no parents, friends, anything of your old life — you could change it.”
You thought about this. Did you want to change your name? It didn’t seem so necessary, but you told the tiger that you’d think about it some more. He nodded again and smiled, “Well, my name’s Maxie. I’ve been here for a couple of years now. It’s my fifth costume, and it’s definitely the one I’m sticking with. What about you?”
You answered, “This is my first time. First costume.”
He nods, smiling still.
“Tiger’s my favorite animal, so I went with it.”
“Some people tend to. Others want to see how it feels to be some other kind of species. Guess it just depends on the person.” Maxie answered. You both started walking side by side on a path of heavy evergreen and dirt. Most animals you both passed on your way observed from the side. Gorillas and their families, the occasional parrot, leopards high in their tree branches. 
“So, what do you do around here?” you asked.

Written by on 01 September 2019

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