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“Well, I’m part of the guild near the center. You’d probably like it. Maybe you’d like to join up?”
You looked at your tiger friend. A guild? You’ve heard of such things but mainly from animation stuff and fans of such. Maybe from a game or two involving assassins. “What do you do?”
“Well, mostly we train and go out every once in a while altogether. Maybe you’d enjoy doing that. Think you’d like to follow me there?” 
You nod. It doesn't sound so bad.
The guild is shrouded deep in the Amazonian forest and covered in thick vines and flora. It’s bright, noir-dim lights blaze from the windows and you get an old timely feel from the ancient-looking, triple-story guild. It’s like it’s straight out of a fantasy novel, like Lord of the Rings or something similar. You hackles raise with curiosity. Your newfound friend looks at you with a smug look. “Impressed?”
“Well, something like that,” you say honestly. It’s true, but there’s something irking you about this place that you can’t put your finger on.
“Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you meet the guys. You’ll love them, and we have plenty of food, and I mean lots of food. And goodies too. See this scarf and jewel?”
He strode ahead of you, and he was right. There was a rather fine looking scarf around his neck, the silk looked so smooth it defied reality and human hands. And on top of said scarf was a necklace completely embezzled in diamonds and jewels of gold and ruby. He asked, “You like?”
“Yeah, it’s real nice.”
“We’ll fix you up right inside, if you want. You’ll look amazing if you do.”
He motioned for you to follow him up the stairs and into the guild. You did so. Once pushing open the door, your nose was immediately bombarded with the scents of many, alcohol, food of all kinds, and you saw — a many different costumers. From foxes to squirrels, hybrids, unicorns, but they were all mostly cats. They couldn’t have been more than a dozen. And they all looked at you and asked question upon question.
You were bombarded.
“By the way, you never gave me your name?” you suddenly realized.
Your companion looked at you and said. “Grimmr.”
Grimmr explained how you were new to their merry band — of thieves.
You did a double take. Had he just said what he thought you heard?
And then he said it again. Then added, “We totally need another predator here, and you were there right at that moment. I couldn’t resist. You’ll stay, won’t you? Oh I know you’ll stay. You wouldn’t not want to, after all.”
You had to get out of here. And quick. 
You lowered your head. “A predator. Right.” Tigers were your favorite, but not for this reason. You swung your tail at a torch that’d been lazily close to a lantern. The lantern fell over, the oil spreading and fire spreading — soon a blockade of flames separated you from them. There were screams of upset. You ran out the door and back into the Amazonian forest. You suddenly wished, and wished that you could run faster—
When suddenly you were. Much faster. You didn’t stop. There was light up ahead and you burst through it. You knocked into a soft object. It was another person. His ears twitched. “You okay there?”  

Written by on 03 September 2019

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