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Jake chuckled and headed out towards the garage. Gassan, Pammy and David were all hefting up supplies and depositing them in the kitchen, the popular kids, unlike Dani and him. They’d been friends for years, yet he still felt like what popularity he had was merely an effect of social osmosis. The work had been nearly completed by the time they finished.


“What do you need me to do?” Jake inquired, looking at the car, the garage and the whirring fans.


“Well, let’s not risk any of that fog coming in, how about you get the windows closed up and bring the fans in?” Davis said, with a nod and a smile to the gawky black haired geek of the group.


Jake nodded and stayed behind as the others walked into the house, closing the door behind them. He’d have to move fast, the fog was certain to pour in the moment the fans were pulled away. He started at the far end of the garage, unplugging the first and pulling it free before he slammed the window shut, getting a whiff and a blast in the face of the licorice tasting fog. He examined himself for changes, although he was starting to doubt Dani’s stories. So far she’d been the only one who’d dealt with the so called changes of the fog, from fixing their heads, from barking like a dog, to this claim that she used to be a male human. Hell, if this fog could make him into a furry, he kind of wanted to jump at the chance.


He took care of the second window, giving that some thought, the majority of his life he had wanted to be something other than human, and Dani had been an example of that, it tormented him how much he cared for her, and yet she always had found him an incompatible partner. It didn’t stop him from being her best friend, and he was happy enough for that. As he reached for the third and final fan, his thoughts went to what she had just said, about how they had so much in common, how close they were, two best friends. It made him smile, that was until his hand slipped on the slick handle of the fan and he coughed, putting it back up for a moment on the ledge. Only then he noticed the taste of anise was stronger than ever and he looked into the whirring plastic blades of the fan. He’d put it in backwards.


Written by Jack Ripper on 18 December 2015

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