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Fog rolled at high speed into the garage and he squealed, getting a heavy dose, filling the floor of the garage quickly. He pounded on the door.


“I screwed up! The fan, it slipped and I put it in backwards! The garage is filling up. I’m gonna hide in the car until the fan shoved it back out!”


On the other side of the door were panicked cries for his safety and Jake tried to reassure them as he put the fan back correctly in the window, and hopped in the backseat of the car. The air was thick with the fog and luckily he saw the fan working, slowly making the amount lower as minutes passed. However, as they passed, locked in the car he felt changes start to happen to his body. Fur, white, black and orange began to sprout over his body. His lanky arms getting a fine coating of them as he felt an odd sensation on his chest. He and Dani had so much in common, two peas in a pod. Of course it was rare that a guy and a girl be friends from such an early age, and as his bosom started to grow, he cried out in fear and panic. His clothing shifted, jeans hugging around his hips more, the telltale bulge behind his zipper fading to a more feminine curve as he bit his lower lip, feeling things changing deep inside. Minutes passed in the car as Jake huffed and chuffed, stripes appearing across her back and arms, becoming every inch the tigress, that Dani had been a vixen. While he only remembered Dani as a vixen, he began to think there may had been truth to the claims she had put forth.


Once the fog was gone, she stumbled haphazardly from the car and reached up, pulling the fan out and slamming the window shut, knocking on the door.


“Let me in…” she said, her voice a low purr now.


Pammy opened it up, seeing the tigress shake and shiver.


“Did anything happen to you, Jackie?” she said, shivering, the image before her seeming totally normal. Jake, now Jackie gulped.


Written by Jack Ripper on 20 December 2015


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