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Terror set in. “Oh God! Oh no! Why?” He rubbed his paws all over his face, stretching the skin to find any breaches that would reveal normal human skin beneath. All he got was the sight of sharp canines sticking out from his gums. Nothing human besides his upright posture remained. Even his underwear had magically vanished. What was he going to do now? Was this permanent? He had to call someone, but who? 911? How was he supposed to explain that over the phone? Who would they even send? It had to be someone who trusted him, but he doubted even his own mother would believe a single word of what happened.


But he couldn’t just lock himself in his apartment for the rest of his life, or however long this curse would last. Maybe Leland will have a cure. That old son of a bitch knew what this would do to me. That would have to wait. First he had to get help. He ran out of the bathroom, whipping his fluffy skunk tail through the air behind him. Morbid curiosity drove him to try and move it. Sure enough, it wagged on command like the feathered fan of a burlesque dancer. That was kind of cool, but not enough to stay focused on. His phone was left on his dresser. When he picked it up it felt strange against his paw pads. He clicked the power button, bringing up the lock screen. He tried putting in his pin, only to smack the tips of his claw into the glass. He hissed a curse, then carefully typed the pin in with the meat of his finger. He opened his contacts and selected the person who lived the closest, his sister Maria.


She picked up on the third ring. “Hey! What’s up?”


“Maria?” His voice came out scratchy and odd.


“Yeah! You OK?”


“Um… No. I kinda have an emergency.”


“Oh. What’s wrong? What happened?” The concern in her voice cut like an edge.


“Well, I’m fine. I’m not hurt. Nobody’s hurt, but… I need you to come over.”


“OK. I’m headed over right now. What is it?”


He cringed. “It’s hard to explain. I can’t tell you over the phone.”


He heard the frown in her voice. “OK… How bad is it? What’s going on? Do you need me to call the police?”


“No! Just… Just get over here, OK? I can’t explain it without you seeing it.”

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 07 December 2022


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