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She didn’t ask anymore questions. “OK. I’m on my way.” She hung up the phone, leaving Jared alone in the silence of his apartment. He spent the next several minutes pacing around, rubbing his paws nervously. His pink button nose twitched incessantly. His tail would flick and jitter behind him. He tried putting jeans on, only to find that the extra padding of fur prevented that. A towel around the waist was going to have to do. A sharp buzzing sound rang through the apartment when his sister hit the intercom. He unlocked the door for her and she came running up. Jared panicked. She can’t see me like this right when she walks in! He ran into the kitchen and hid behind the doorway right as he heard knocking on the door. “Jared?” called a voice.


“Come in,” he hollered. “It’s open.”


Maria opened the door and stepped inside cautiously. “Jared? You here?”


“Yeah, I’m here. I’m in the kitchen.” He heard her footsteps approaching rapidly. “Wait! No! Don’t come in here.”


She stopped abruptly. “Jared? Are you OK?”


“No. Well, yeah, kinda. It’s complicated.”


“What happened?”


“I…” How was he supposed to explain this nonsense? “I bought a suit.”


“You bought a suit?”


“Yeah, a weird one.”


“Uhh, OK. Is that bad?”


“Yeah. It’s pretty bad.”


“OK. Did it do something to you?”


He sighed. “Yeah. It definitely did something to me. You have no idea.”


“You can show me. I won’t tell anyone if that’s what you’re worried about.”


That was just a fraction of his concern. “It’s not that. You might freak out.”


That didn’t soothe her any, but she tried to remain calm. “I promise I won’t freak out. Just show me.”


“You sure?” God, this is gonna suck. “I mean, it’s pretty bad. You’re not gonna believe it.”


Her concern only seemed to grow. “Just show me.”


“OK. Here I come.” With two deep breaths, he stepped out from behind the doorway to reveal himself.

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 08 December 2022


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