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Maria recoiled backwards and dropped her jaw. This wasn’t anything she could've anticipated. She thought it would be a clown suit he had gotten stuck in somehow. This… wasn’t a clown suit. Still, she didn’t think it was real, just a very convincing looking fursuit or makeup. “Wow! That… Oh my God.” She looked him up and down, taking in every bit of his skunky form.


“Yeah, I know. I wasn’t expecting this when I bought it.”


“It looks so real…” she said, leaning forward to get a closer look.


“Maria, that’s the thing. It is real.”


She stopped. “What? No it isn’t.” She said it like it was a plain fact; it should have been.


“It is. I swear I’m not kidding. It was a onesie. I put it on. It…” He flashed back to the trauma of watching himself be devoured. “It swallowed me.”


Maria dared to step closer. Her eyes were locked on his mouth. The teeth and gums were flawless. They moved so seamlessly. The eyes moved in their sockets without pause. She reached her hand out to his face. She came in slowly, ready to pull herself back in case he bit back. He braced for her reaction when the truth would dawn on her. Her fingers brushed his cheek. It was soft and warm. She gasped, then screamed. She ripped her hand away and held it like it had just touched an oven. “Oh my God!”


“Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he hissed, holding a finger over his lips. “Calm down!”


“Jared! What happened?”


“I don’t know!” he insisted with a frantic shake of his paws in front of him. “I just put this suit on and it made me like this! I didn’t expect it at all!”


“Wh-what… Why?”


“I said I don’t know!”


“No, I mean why did you buy it?”


“Oh… Well, that’s a long story. I thought they were pajamas. They looked comfy, so I guess-”


She cut him off with a curt wave of the hand. “Forget about it. That’s not important.” She rubbed her forehead. “Oh God. What are we gonna do? What do we tell mom and dad?”

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 09 December 2022

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