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She turns sharply and seems to light up when she notices me.


“Oh, thank god!”


“How long have you been here?” I ask as we now stand before one another.


“I was dropped off about an hour ago. I already caught and ate a couple deer, but ever since, I haven’t been feeling so well.”


“Maybe you didn’t cook it thoroughly enough. I have some water to boil. I’m gonna gather some materials to build a shelter then catch some food myself. Care to join?”


“Better than wandering alone in a place like this.”


Now together, we walk on. I use my machete to cut some bare branches for firewood, while the woman set up a makeshift tent with a tarp from her crate. While she was knelt down on one knee, I find myself looking over, checking out her nice, round rear end. I raise a brow and smirk to myself before I continue to gather more wood.

Written by Nero Hopps on 18 June 2018

Both Trapping

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