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The sun has lowered and hovers just above the canopy. The tent is seat and some large rocks have been set in a circle, raising above the wood which has been set in a teepee formation. Standing next to each other, we look over our work with a sigh in content let out in unison. In a moment of silence, my stomach rumbles loud enough for her to hear. With a giggle, she speaks, acknowledging the sound.


Guess we should try to catch you some dinner then huh?”


I chuckle in slight embarrassment. “Might be a good idea. I never did get your name by the way. I’m Chase.”


“I’m Victoria, call me Vicki.” She extends a hand for a shake. Her hands are petite with slender fingers. She could be a hand model, or a regular model.


I return the gesture and we shake in official introduction. For a moment we gaze into each other’s eyes. Her eyes are a deep, rich hazel, with golden accents.


The light of the sun peers through the leaves overhead, giving an amber light to our surroundings. I take the paracord and cut a length from it. I huff an end over a branch, which Vicki catches and loops in a snare, after which she lays a bit of vegetables given in her crate. I tightly secure my end with a stake, causing the branch to bend slightly. With our trap set we take cover in nearby shrubbery and wait for an animal to get caught.

Written by Nero Hopps on 22 June 2018

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