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Jake nodded, his trembling hands spilling a bit of the water on his khaki cargo shorts. “You got it man, you can count on me.”


Daniel grinned and opened the door, seeing the fog rolling in thicker down the street. Down the neighborhood was his house, if there was something dangerous about the fog, he could probably beat it to his place, but getting back was going to be a problem. It seemed fairly innocuous, if it’s abilities to warp reality weren’t triggered. He looked both ways down the street and made a dash for home. His years of getting picked on, regardless of his friendship with two of the most popular kids in school had given him a one hundred meter dash that could have placed him on the Track and Field team in High School. He ran, the wind and light fog whipping past him and cutting through his hair, moistening it with its dew. The fog was rolling in, tangible in the air, drifting and tumbling over itself as it spilled down the road when he reached his front door, twisting the knob and finding it still unlocked. He slipped in and slammed it shut, locking and deadbolting it, then systematically slamming every window closed, trying to prevent any of the fog from reaching the inside of the house.


“Mom?! Dad?! You home?!” He called out as he ran from room to room, securing the windows and checking for any signs of his parents. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, basement, everything turned up empty. Daniel screamed, tears welling up as he ran around, checking the garage, seeing the family car still there. If anything he knew a way of getting around town, or out of it. He hung his head, wherever his family was, moping around and not doing anything wasn’t going to help them come back. He strode to his room and grabbed his cell phone, calling Pammy, glad that whatever the fog was, it wasn’t hindering reception.

Written by Jack Ripper on 06 December 2015


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