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“Hello?” Pammy’s voice quivered, the sounds of the others heard muffled in the background.


“Hey, my parents aren’t here. The fog is pretty thick, but I’ve got the car, I can come over there in it.”


“My parents are gone, too. The others have tried calling their families and nothing. IT’s like we’re the only ones How? If that stuff can change people, I don’t wanna let it in the house.”


“Listen to me, do you have a box fan anywhere?” Daniel said, a plan forming in his mind’s eye.


“Yeah, how come?”


“Ok, plug it in in your garage, have it blowing air OUT. I’m going to drive over, open the door for me, and close it behind me. I’ll wait about 10 minutes for the fan to blow any fog back out the window before I come in. It’s the best bet we have.”


“OK. Will do.”


“Listen, I can bring over supplies if need be, anything you all need?”


“I think we’re good on food, but extra won’t hurt especially if we’re going to be in here for the time being.”


“Ask everyone else what they want. I’ll see what I can get. Got a bunch of stuff in our basement.”


There was the telltale shuffling of ear and cheek against the microphone of the cellphone, as Pammy called out to David, Gassan, and Jake. A traditional rumble of late teenage unsure desperation was echoed back, as after a few moments David suggested that Daniel bring as much food as he could, in the event that they were stuck at Pammy’s for an indefinite period of time. Gassan had suggested candles, and anything that might help for camping, should they need to leave the neighborhood, finding a place where the fog hadn’t reached yet. Money was something none of them had much of, but Daniel made a point of grabbing the emergency credit cards, in the event things got out of hand. Finally, it came to Jake, who chuckled.


“Hell, the others got all the good ideas, if you find the girl of my dreams, bring her here?” Jake asked nervously, if facetiously.


Daniel laughed and shook his head as he prepared to descend into the basement. He hung up the phone, put it on its charger and and located a few reusable shopping bags. His plan of action was food first, near the entryway of the basement, then the camping gear and emergency supplies near the back, and a final run through of the house before getting back. He took a final look through the window, the fog obscuring the outside world, not even able to see halfway across his front yard now. Back through the kitchen and down into the basement he went, an odd almost licorice taste in the air. He shook his head as he gathered up canned goods, making sure to pack the can opener as well. Three full bags of canned goods and non perishables made their way into the trunk of the car. With each trip, and venturing further in, that odd anise taste thickened. Bittersweet, it hung cloy on the tongue as Daniel smacked his lips. Concentrating on filling the car with as many items as he could, knowing Pammy was prepping her garage for his arrival. Soon he was gathering up the camping gear, tents and single use alcohol burners, things they might need if the power went out. Candles, sleeping bags, and various sundries soon filled the trunk of the car.

Written by Jack Ripper on 07 December 2015

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