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Daniel’s mind focused on the joke Jake had said, shaking his head with a much needed smile breaking up the panic and seriousness of the dilemma they faced. As he turned one last time to examine the basement, his heart sank in his chest.


One of the far ground level windows was wide open, the fog pouring in. He smacked his lips, the licorice like flavor in the air. Good lord, he’d been breathing in the fog for the better part of twenty minutes, and while nothing seemed to have changed, he was doing what he had been told to do. He’d gotten as much food as he could carry, he had gotten all of the survivalist supplies. It was then he felt that strange tingle wrapping itself around his body, then chilling him from the inside out. He grunted as his gait felt awkward, stumbling towards the window and shutting it quickly. as he reached he saw the back of his hand, the fingers more slender, nails growing longer and black hair starting to sprout. There wasn’t exactly pain to the change, but it certainly wasn’t a pleasant sensation. If anything, the fact that his mind was unaffected while his flesh was warped and altered, made it all the more frightening. He felt his hips begin to feel warmer, an internal heat as the bones within began to widen, his clothing shifting, hemlines flowing like so much water with every passing moment. The hair was soon revealed to be fur as it spread over his body, legs thinning but toning more. He ran to the stairs, stumbling and tripping a few times to the bathroom as he stared in the mirror. Vision blurred as his face began to press outward, boned in his skull deforming and expanding into a canine muzzle. Daniel felt over his body, realizing the full extent of Jake’s wash was going to come true. He shook his head as he looked down at his chest, small buds forming over his pecs, slowly expanding and pushing outward. He arched his back, a hand moving down lower, blushing as he felt his more treasured parts start to recede. He was going to become the perfect girl for Jake, and Jake did love his furries. He whimpered, pounding his fist against the door jamb.


There were sensations and sounds coming from within him that terrified him. Feelings of his organs moving, of them changing. Things he know should send him into shock and pain and panic, but it was so dulled, more like a gentle massage in places where nerve endings had never been touched, and as such were more sensitive and confused. He was becoming a she. Inside and out, in every way, as impossible as it could be to have happen. The tail was an oddly welcome relief, adding a counterbalance to her newly acquired bosom, which, along with the changed attire, seemed to spawn a bra underneath her shirt. She took a few tentative steps as she waited, not knowing what to do. Daniel grabbed his.. her phone. She had to get used to a pronoun shift, and texted Pammy.


“Fog got in the basement. I’ve undergone a change. Coming over soon. Please don’t freak out.”


Daniel grabbed the keys and jumped in the car, turning over the engine and opening up the garage door. The fog poured into the small space, obscuring the road, it was even thicker. Daniel turned on the high beams and slowly began to roll down the street, the half block to Pammy’s house, turning into the driveway and honking. The garage door opened and the fog rolled in with the car, after honking a second time, the door was closed and Daniel was made to sit and wait alone until he was certain the fan had blown as much of the transformative fog back outside.


It was a long ten minutes as Daniel ran a hand over her new form, feeling the curves, trying to avoid certain intimate areas as right now getting to the bottom of this was what was needed most. However, she needed to understand the body before she could use it properly. Things seemed to be mostly the same, save for the center of gravity and the tail. She stepped nervously from the car and walked around back, noting that the others had set up a few box fans in the windows, helping air out the place faster. The trunk was left open, as was the back seat, as Daniel walked to the side door, leading from the garage to Pammy’s house and turned the knob.


“I’m coming inside, don’t freak out.” she said, emerging before the others.

Written by Jack Ripper on 13 December 2015

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