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It was Gassan who looked her over head to toe, confused. “You said you got changed, Dani. What happened? You’re still the vixen we’ve always known.”


“WHAT?!” Dani said, “I’m supposed to be human like you! I’m supposed to be MALE.”


Pammy shook her head and walked over, “Danielle, you’re not making sense. You’ve been our friend for years and you’ve always been a girl fox…”


“Oh damn, the fog. it’s affecting your minds, or reality or something. I promise you, I’m supposed to be a male human.” She reached into her wallet and fished out her driver’s licence. The image of her current self was shown, and had all the wear and tear that a driver’s license could get in two years. She stumbled back and looked at them. “I’m telling you the truth, the fog is rewriting reality. I .. I know you don’t believe me, but what I’m telling you is true.”


The others slowly nodded, worried that the fog had affected the young vixen’s mind and guided her to a couch to lay down on. Dani started to sniffle and cry, Jake coming over and holding her hand. They’ve been the best of friends, but now he was changing his approach, being more casual, holding her hand.


“Dani, whatever that fog did to you, it’ll be ok. Soon your mind will clear and these ideas of you being a dude and human will go away.”


Dani shook her head. “Jake, we’ve been best friends, we’ve got more things in common between us than the others. We’ve been the outcasts, and I’m asking you to believe me. I was a male human until you mentioned that you wanted me to bring back the girl of your dreams. Then POOF.”


“Poof, huh?” Jake said as his thumb trailed over the back of Dani’s hand, making her squirm, she’d never been looked at like that by a guy. Felt this way.


“Yeah,” she said, pulling her hand back. “Poof. I..I think you better go help the others bring stuff in. Go on, go get em, tiger.”


Written by Jack Ripper on 15 December 2015


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