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Daniel made his way into his next class. He was as tired as he was yesterday, not to mention how tired he always was walking into class every day. Feeling spry and alive was a rarity when he was in school.


He set his things down on his desk, pulling out a notepad and pencil. The teacher went up to the board and started to write, just before the bell rang. Once again, tardy students piled into the class. The teacher wrote a little faster.


His mind drifted to yesterday. His brain was a little foggy from the morning, trying to think about what had happened after he left for the party. It was all rather blurry.. Daniel shook his head. He couldn’t afford to lose focus again, especially in a high level chem class. He began to take notes as the teacher scribbled away.


He figured that as he continued, his brain fog would clear up a lot. Unfortunately, quite the opposite happened. As he took more notes and tried to absorb more information, his head got more jumbled and foggy. Thoughts conflicted with each other. His chair grew uncomfortable in every position he shifted to. His eyelids felt heavy, and his lungs like lead were filling them.


Daniel tried to recall more about what happened the night prior. He had gone to the party, yes, but then… He had arrived, right. Yeah.. Then they had had a little to drink of course, then.. Right, they started to do some games and stuff.. Which ended up as truth or dare…


When Daniel came back to the classroom, it was empty. He looked around, confused, before scrambling to pack his things up and go and see if he could find his friends to ask them about what had happened yesterday.


He didn’t manage to find them, but he knew he would see them at lunch. In the meantime, he went to his next class.. Math.


He sighed as he piled his things onto the desk, and began to open up his notes. For the time in between classes he tried to decipher what he had written yesterday. The majority of which was nonsense you would expect from a tired person. This included scribblings about horses, a little doodle of the nightmare he had yesterday, and something about a lion for some reason.


He sighed, flipping to a blank page. Clearly this would all be useless. Right as he did, the bell gave a ring, and class began.


As terrible as it was, math class went by quickly, and it was soon time for lunch. After packing everything up, Daniel quickly went to the outside tables to find his friends.


Sitting at the tables was everyone, just like yesterday. But.. It was off. Everybody was completely silent. All of their food was sitting, untouched in front of them. There wasn’t any steam coming off of any of the previously hot cafeteria food.

Written by OakenFerret on 16 September 2022

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