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Daniel spotted a small spot on the side, most of the bench was taken up by David. Daniel expected that he would scoot over a little but.. Nothing. David didn’t move a muscle. Daniel poked him a little, before sighing and sitting with the little room he had. He feebly started to eat, looking at everybody’s almost lifeless eyes.


Daniel started to try and figure out what had happened last night again, ruminating about the game of truth or dare. He remembered some weird ones coming up, I mean, of course there were some. They were all at least a bit tipsy after all. But didn’t they do something a little more.. Dangerous? Weird? The words didn’t come to his head very well, but the image of the night prior began to finally come to him..


The chain link fence snapped as David used his dad’s bolt cutters to cut a hole in it for them to crawl into. They were all a little drunk of course, after all, what good would a party be without a little alcohol?


They made their way through the tall grass, which rustled in the intense wind. The lights in the compound were all shut off, although the looming silhouettes of the lamp posts still made shapes that almost seemed to move. Maybe that was Daniel’s nerves talking.


Gravel crunched as a car made a turn, coming out towards the chain link fence. Gassan gestured for everyone to get down, as its headlights came on, illuminating the fence that moved to the side as it approached. After only a few moments, it was gone.


The group continued inwards.


Soon, they approached a large, concrete building. This was the center of the compound. It looked… Well, exactly like you would imagine a military base would really. Large, colorless blocks of concrete with holes that could generously be called “Windows”, and a series of large lights that looked like they could illuminate the entire compound with just one turned on. There was what looked like the entrance there as well, the moonlight illuminating it just barely enough to see two double doors with what looked like heavy glass panels and metal reinforcements.


“What are they hiding in there?” Pammy said. She spoke for everyone, curiosity permeated their minds. They began moving further in, taking a look at the huge door.


Gassan unzipped his bag, and pulled out a T shaped thick metal tool with an edge like a crystal. It was a tool designed for shattering glass. With a quick smack and a loud crash, the windows came down, and the group snuck inside.


Each of them switched on their flashlights, beams of light shining and making the inside of the dark hallways visible. It seemed… Bleak. There was barely anything aside from a few doors on either side.


Daniel felt something touch his shoulder. He nearly leaped out of his skin, turning and shining the light into Pammy’s eyes.


“Ow! Jeez dude don’t be such a scaredy cat.. Look.” She pointed towards one of the doors that read, “BASEMENT. LEVEL 03”

Written by OakenFerret on 17 September 2022


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