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You couldn’t be deterred, your focused mind only worked to power your pumping legs as you sprinted two and three stairs at a time. It was like a deep stretch following an exhausting press, but you trudged on like a machine. Your eyes glistened with a different kind of anticipation with every step you took higher and higher up the towering staircase spiraling up. Suddenly, something caught your sensitive ears from below: footsteps. The light trickling of their paws against the cold tile floors stuck fear into your heart, looking down you were able to see the dark uniforms of other security guards as their shapes grew in your vision.
It was clear that despite taking out the cameras outside, there must have been a few dotting the hallways as you passed. You thought for a moment, and realized how much you stood out, at least in terms of attire. Heart beating fast, your blood pumped through your veins as the searing hot citric acid began to build up in your muscles. You weren’t sure if you could make it.

Written by Driftingdragon on 11 January 2021

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