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The anxiety clutching your being began to choke you from the inside out. They were quickly gaining on you, and the way you exerted all of your energy running up the first few flights was slowly starting to get to you. You reconsidered going so quickly at first, thinking that you could have put some distance between you and your mysterious pursuers, it showed that probably wasn’t the proper decision to make.
At long last, you had reached the very top, the final few flights were just in your reach, yet at this point, your movements were slow, tired, and sluggish. At least you were finally there. After flinging the doors noisily, your eyes began to sting with the bright outside lights, wind blew in your fur, and the smell of fresh air filled your lungs, the sensitive cells on your nose twitched, and for a moment you took in what it felt like to be truly free.
Suddenly, a second slam broke your concentration, you turned around and saw the guards exiting onto the roof after you. Soon they were upon you. You were sedated. The last thing you remembered was being taken into a vehicle and moved somewhere, everything after that was a blur.

Written by Driftingdragon on 13 January 2021

The end (for now)
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