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But hell, there’s no time like the present to see check out the source of that light. After all, it could be the source of that blue glowing dome around yourself!


You make haste towards the glowing, the foliage getting thicker and thicker around you as the light intensifies. You find yourself having to actually exert yourself to push forward through the foliage, and for a moment you think that you won’t make it through.


Suddenly the thick vegetation breaks, and you burst through it into a strange and green clearing. The grass all along it is short-trimmed, and the scent of incense hangs in the air. You can tell why almost immediately: there’s a shrine in the middle of the clearing.


“Hello? Is anyone there?” You call, your hopes raised high. But as you’d half-expected, nobody answers your cry. Instead, there’s nothing but the gentle rush of wind through the clearing, leaving you to free to inspect the only thing of note in the clearing: the shrine.


It looks like it’s a Japanese-styled shrine, with a painted and ornate hut that rests above a small and blank stone in the center. It looks to have some sort of religious or spiritual significance, and combined with the trimmed appearance of this clearing, you can’t help but wonder if there’s some magic to it all.


But you dismiss that thought quickly, instead wondering what you should do…

Written by SketchySeraph on 15 November 2015

Both Look At The Shrine

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