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You don't know what compels you to look a little closer at the shrine, but something inside you does. You lean a little closer, your eye lingering on that odd stone marker, and as you do you notice that there's a faint azure glow emanating from its surface.


Before your startled eyes, the glow seems to coalesce into a set of shimmering runes, distinct letters that you vaguely recognize as something from the Far East. Then something clicks in your brain, and you recognize their meaning as clearly as if they were in English.


'Take heart, O Weary Traveler, for your rest is at hand. I can provide safety, warmth, and a home. All that I ask of you is a simple and humble offering, and you shall find this to be a haven.'


This sounds like the best deal you've had since getting stranded on this island, and you think it just might be worth a shot...

Written by SketchySeraph on 17 November 2015

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