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Daniel couldn´t stop himself from entering the mirror room. He needed to know what this meant. This was the place from his dreams.


Suddenly feeling frightened, Daniel glanced at his watches.


It was midnight.


He backed up, hitting the closed door.


“Let me out!” he screamed, banging his fists at the door, shaking handle to open it, but the door didn´t move. With the corner of his eye, Daniel noticed movement behind him and he quickly turned.


From the gaps between the mirrors, blue gas was emerging.


Staring in horror, Daniel watched the gas to fill the room. He was unable to move, completely frozen by the sight he knew from his dreams. This was it. They finally came for him. They got him. There was no escape.


This had to be just a nightmare, Daniel thought when the blue gas filled the room and consumed him.


It was his last thought before his vision turned dark and Daniel collapsed on the floor.

Written by lulu-illussions on 19 January 2018

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